Month: July 2017

  • Day 44…There Will Come A Time (July 31)

    In just his 2nd attempt at the 3100 mile race in 2013 Vasu finished first.  Now, 4 years later in this his 6th race, he will once again be champion.  But for someone who has accomplished such an incredible task, you could not possibly ask for a more humble, modest, and self giving winner. On […]

  • Day 43…Moving Forward (July 30)

    Yesterday was a very good day for Yolanda.  She managed to make 119 laps (65 miles), and though she had hoped to add one more lap to the total, the unforgiving clock at the finish line did not allow it. As she enters the 43rd day of the race she has amassed an impressive total, […]

  • Day 42… All Gratitude To Be Here (July 29)

    Imprinted on the running shorts that she is wearing today are the words, Happy Run.  They are a perfect match for the smile that she has so often carried with her these past 41 days. In a race that did not develop quite as she had hoped but in many ways as she intuitively expected, […]

  • Day 41…School Of Life (July 28)

    If Sergey had started running east from his home in Nizhny Novgorod on June 18 instead of around the block that contains Thomas Edison High school, his 2139 miles would have taken him across much of Russia.  Instead, after 40 days he begins his day in the exact same spot he started his epic journey.  […]

  • Day 40…Enthusiasm Awakeners (July 27)

    They sing for 30 minutes a day, which of course when compared to the grand canvas of a runners very long day isn’t a great deal of time.  Yet just to walk by or stand for even a moment while the Enthusiasm Awakeners sing and clap and cheer is a joyous reminder of the importance […]

  • Day 39…I Will Do Everything (July 26)

    In the Spring of 2007 Andrey had come to New York to run his first Self Transcendence 6 day race in Flushing Meadow. “After about 2 days of running I was trying to rest but I had so much pain.  I was totally out of it. I didn’t know what to do.  So I started […]

  • Day 38…It Is Possible (July 25)

    I am pretty sure each one of us at some time would wish to be the author of our own destiny.  That we would somehow be able to make the time line of our lives more practical if not rewarding.  On days when we fail at something to then be able to rewrite our failure […]

  • Day 37…Inner Reality (July 24)

    The weather broke today and in so doing the drop in temperature brought irregular waves of heavy showers.  A blessing for most and a mixed curse for those with already blistered feet. For Harita things are going very well.  She is consistently running 60 mile days and now only has to maintain a 59 mile […]

  • Day 36…Inner Silence (July 23)

    “I am feeling pretty good.  A little tired.  You know, standard answer after 35 days.” *cover picture by Alakananda* When we greet each other a routine question is usually to ask the other person how they are.  Nirbhasa has spent the last 35 days doing very little else than running around the block here in […]

  • Day 35…Overcome Obstacles (July 22)

    Most of the time it is possible to think of the 3100 mile course as a kind of a sacred path.  That all those who assemble there each day are on a very long pilgrimage to a higher goal.  As a metaphor it sounds great and for the most part is absolutely true, in its […]