Day 39…I Will Do Everything (July 26)

In the Spring of 2007 Andrey had come to New York to run his first Self Transcendence 6 day race in Flushing Meadow.

“After about 2 days of running I was trying to rest but I had so much pain.  I was totally out of it. I didn’t know what to do.  So I started to invoke Guru’s name, very quickly.”

*Translation by Kanala*

“He wasn’t physically at the race at that moment.  But immediately he appeared inwardly to me.  He immediately calmed me down and soothed me.  Guru told me to just lay down for a rest, and told me, I will do everything.”

“So I thought, okay, let’s see what happens.  So I laid down to rest.  I rested for about 2 hours.  Then when I woke up I was amazed because I felt as though everything was like new.  It was though I hadn’t even begun to run.  Like I was just about to start to run.”

Such experiences of course do not happen every day.  But the more that each of us feel we are connected and dedicated to our inner existence, then the confines and challenges of our outer lives takes on a different perspective.  It becomes easier not just to see that nothing is impossible in our lives, but also that we all need to continue to move forward to our own real self transcendence.

As of this morning, which is the start of Day 37, Andrey has completed 2047 miles.  A distance that makes his accomplishment in that first 6 day race look pale in comparison.  In fact after his first 6 days here he managed 341 miles which was just one mile less than his total distance in 2007.

He is smiling and moving well when we talk.  Not interested whatsoever in going home and looking content, even though he still has another 14 more days of running here.  He says, “I realize that we have many different systems in our bodies.  Every time you lie down to rest one of these systems starts hurting.  It means there is a connection between the mind and the body, which is very strong.”

“This has all been one big positive experience that I have had happen to me here, because I don’t have too much pain.  There is always a smile on my face.  I feel joy.  I feel all the blessings, but I realize that paradise exists in every corner of the globe.  That in every corner of the earth is paradise.”

Everything is easy
If you know
That God is doing everything,
In and through you.

The board at the start of Day 39


Quiet camp



Vajra leaves

Yuri fills the water barrels

They’re coming

Andrey for the first time has the front seat

Alexy getting things ready

Nidhruvi and Alakananda


Rupantar talks with Nirjaya who has come to help

Smarana exchanging flash drives with Alakananda

The boys

The girls


Harita’s foot

Alakananda leaves tomorrow with her Dad

Start Day 39

An usual bright cool day for July

Vasu got his mileage back up and completed 66 miles 121 laps

He now has 2509 miles

He is 87 miles ahead of last year

At a tough time on the rainy day

A picture with Nirjaya

He can finish in 9 days


Nirbhasa did 62 miles 113 laps

He now has 2420 miles

He is 136 miles ahead of his 2015 pace

Conversation with Yolanda

Telling a true story

A captive audience

Doing really well


Kaneenika ran 64 miles 118 laps

She now has 2404 miles

With Suhasini

She has 60 miles more than last year

16 miles away from 2nd place

An amazing performance

A new record pace


Harita did 59 miles 109 laps

Harita has 2264 miles

with Mandra

“Please step back.  Please make room for Harita.”

Practicing her jokes

Great first timer

A great show

With Ashadeep

A Bigalita rose

Yolanda did 62 miles her 5th 113 lap day

She now has 2231 miles

She has to maintain 113 laps to finish


Smarana did 49 miles 90 laps

He now has 2101 miles

A long long journey

A bit of green

Andrey did 55 miles 101 laps

He has 2047 miles

Taking a break

Working with Nirjaya

Poise and strength


Sergey did 54 miles 100 laps

He now has 2043 miles

Always positive


Nidhruvi did 51 miles 94 laps

She now has 1969 miles

“I hope she stops for a minute.  I really need a scratch behind the ears.”

A dog break

Putting on lotion

Telling jokes

With Tajini

The big shadow

Going forward


Ananda-Lahari did 42 miles 78 laps

He has 1840 miles….running fast today



Happy rock

Sahishnu and Alan

Ashadeep making notes

Nirjaya gets a bicycle

Alakananda wakes up

Alan sending a strong message to the wasp community

Jumagul and Kamaneeya

“I am faster than the fastest running up trees.  But running a lap here just tires me right out.”

Oleksandr reads the Daily Prayer

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poem oleksandr

Enthusiasm Awakeners

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I did everything
In the limelight.

I am doing everything
In silence-light.

I shall do everything
In dedication-light.

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  1. Thanks to Andrey for the all-encompassing words of wisdom. — we all need to move forward on our own self-transcendence. Utpal, your great interviews and great coverage are getting us all through the summer, staying inspired and on track. So much gratitude to all, all!!

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