Inspiration News


About 6 years ago I was part of a team that attempted to create stories about the life of Sri Chinmoy and also about some of the many activities that he inspired his students to take part in. At that time it was difficult to try and keep up with his schedule and also to try and choose stories from so many of those who were inspired by him.  Now, anyone with a smart phone and a little know how can create and upload a video.  Back then though we tried to create a program that would not be unlike one you might see on a typical news program.

Time slipped by and the program fell by the wayside until about a year ago when my friend Kedar suggested we try and start again.  I was hesitant as to do something as difficult as this but there seemed no other option than to try.  One of the last things Sri Chinmoy reminded me was that his path was about Self Transcendence.

It would need help from many people and in particular my editor Padyatra had to steer the project through lots of technical and logistical hurdles.  More so I wanted the program to be really and truly from around the world.  That it reflect the life of the Sri Chinmoy center in many places.  This one by chance comes very close to doing just that.  Many people contributed and helped to make it all happen.  I am deeply grateful.

If you have time try and see it all.  It is just about 20 minutes long.  For now this blog is just a temporary platform for the show.  There are 4 great stories here and there just might be one that inspires you.   I hope in the not too distant future that there be more.

much thanks