Month: April 2016

  • April 29th….The Finish Line

    “It’s been amazing.  It has been like everything.” Gautami and her sister Manoshri have both been running the 10 day race.  With just a short time now left they are running together and sharing with me some of their experiences over the past 10 days. Gautami: “It has been a mixture of everything, everything possible…..experiences, […]

  • April 28th….It’s Like A Miracle

    “I am very happy to run this race.”  Last year Tatiana Arnst was here for the first time.  She did however see very little of the running part of the race, for she spent hour upon hour helping others in medical, giving massages. Now after 5 days she has completed 215 miles.  But the number […]

  • April 27th….Life Has No Limits

    “The result so far is amazing.  It is going really really well.”  This is 44 year old Johnny Hallenby’s first 6 day race.  After 4 days he has 348 miles. He is just a few miles outside of first place but is not concerned. He has had a plan of running exactly 87 miles a […]

  • April 26th….No Unreachable Goal

    “O my God Susan is doing amazing.”  Hridayinee has been helping Susan Marshall for the past 2 days.  She is a 32 year old runner from Christchurch New Zealand and she really is doing well.  She has 163 miles and is in 3rd place in this her very first 6 day race. “Susan has […]

  • April 25th…. Inside My Heart

    “Its been very good.  I have really enjoyed it.”  After completing 2 days Vikena Yutz from Columbus Georgia is leading the 6 day women with 142 miles. This will be her 4th 6 day race but the first time that she has come to Flushing Meadow for the Self-Transcendence race. “I have wanted to do […]

  • April 24th…..Changed My Life

    “My main goal in coming here is to get inspiration.” This is Arun Bardwaj’s 3rd appearance here at the Self Transcendence race in New York. “On my first time here, from the very beginning I was feeling happy.  I had nothing in my mind.  No worries.  I am feeling in my best physical condition […]

  • April 23rd…. Enjoy All The Great Things

    The 6 day race is less than an hour old.  I spend a few minutes running lightly with David Luljak who has not been to the race in 7 years and also with Wai Law who ran his first 6 day race here last year. They are getting acquainted and of course realize that in […]

  • April 22nd… When I Share My Happiness

    “You always hope for a little better than what you are doing.”  Sarah always has the bar set for herself very high, and for good reason.  She has won the 10 race here 3 times and is one of the best women’s multi day runner in the world. “I wish I had put in a […]

  • April 21st….Everybody Smiling

    “My plan was to achieve 192 miles, but I got a little carried away.”  Kobi is a just little modest about his achievement at the 10 day race as he describes his results after the first 48 hours of the race. A few minutes earlier, just before noon he completed 200 miles.  He jokes that […]

  • April 20th….Everything Must Change

    At 12 noon today  the first 24 hours was completed, and so Day 2 began. Yolanda is very happy with her 24 hour total Completing that first 24 hours is a big step for all the runners. Everything must change, But it has to start From deep within. Sri Chinmoy, Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, Part […]