Jharna Kala 2015: Painting Life

In 1988 a small child asked this question of Sri Chinmoy

Are you a famous painter?

Sri Chinmoy: Good boy, I am not famous, but I paint. I have painted my inner life and now I will paint my outer life.

It took me hundreds and thousands of years, thousands and thousands of years to paint the inner life. And now I have started painting the outer life. God alone knows when I will complete painting my outer life.

With my inner painting I cried and cried for God the Creator. With my outer painting I am smiling and smiling at God the creation. We are all God’s creation, you and I and all of us.

Sri Chinmoy, Sri Chinmoy answers, part 34, Agni Press, 2004

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The date, November 19th, for those who love and admire the accomplishments of Sri Chinmoy has been associated with his Jharna Kala art now for more than 40 years.  Beginning in 1974 it would be something that he never stopped expanding upon.  Yet on that date, while visiting in Canada, it all began with the drawing of a rose.  From this would come a flood of divine creativity.  In later years he almost exclusively drew soul-birds which would eventually number nearly 16 million.

 Looking back over the entire year 1974 it should be noted that  besides representing the beginning of Sri Chinmoy’s manifestation of art, the year also represented a full landscape inundated with many other noteworthy accomplishments.
(c) Copyrights Sri Chinmoy Centre
(c) Copyrights Sri Chinmoy Centre Photo by Sarama

Question: How do you find the time to draw, to write, to do everything you do?

Sri Chinmoy: As you know, where there is a will, there is a way. I pray to God and meditate on God. Out of His infinite Compassion, He has given me the capacity to accomplish quite a few things. These creations of mine are not my personal belongings or my personal possessions. These are my dedicated offerings to my Inner Pilot. Out of His infinite Bounty He has given me the capacity, and it is He who receives the fruits.

Starting on January 9th of that year Sri Chinmoy began his 50 state university lecture tour which would culminate in the final talk given in Alaska on October 9th.

On February 9th Sri Chinmoy wrote 208 poems in 22 hours.  Part of series of poems called The Golden Boat.

In March Sri Chinmoy gave 16 lectures in Canada, from March 16th to 29th.

In April he celebrated his 10th anniversary of coming to America.

On April 29th Sri Chinmoy wrote 360 poems in 24 hours.  They were published in a book called, The Goal is Won

From June 24th to July 21st he gave 21 lectures at universities in Europe.

On November 10th Sri Chinmoy completed his 200th book.

By December 10th he had completed 1,000 paintings.

By December 28th the first exhibit of painting was held in Hollis, Queens NY

(c) Copyrights Sri Chinmoy Centre
(c) Copyrights Sri Chinmoy Centre Photo by Sarama

Sri Chinmoy was in Canada for 6 days that November to give a series of 4 Public Meditations that took place in Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto. On the 18th Sri Chinmoy planted an oak tree on federal parkland in Ottawa.

In dedicating the tree, he said: “O Aspiration-dawn of Canada, you will succeed. The universal earth-cry you will embody. You will proceed. The transcendental Heaven-Smile you will reveal. You will become. Infinity’s all-illumining vision you will become. You are. Immortality’s oneness-reality you eternally are.”

(c) Copyrights Sri Chinmoy Centre
(c) Copyrights Sri Chinmoy Centre Photo by Sarama

The public meditations for the most part were given at Universities. In Ottawa on the 19th Sri Chinmoy gave a meditation at the University of Ottawa.  The next night a mediation was held at Carleton University.

At one of the meditation held in a classroom, Sri Chinmoy went to the chalk board and gave us a hint of just how spontaneous and prolific he would become.

(c) Copyrights Sri Chinmoy Centre
(c) Copyrights Sri Chinmoy Centre Photo by Sarama

Fortunately Sarama recorded a divine gift that would so soon be brushed away.

(c) Copyrights Sri Chinmoy Centre
(c) Copyrights Sri Chinmoy Centre Photo by Sarama

Eventually great galleries would be full to bursting with Sri Chinmoy’s Jharna Kala art.


Question: What is the role of art in the spiritual life?

Sri Chinmoy: The role of art in the spiritual life is first to awaken oneself and then to awaken the sincere seekers around one. Through self-discipline and self-sacrifice the seeker will first develop his oneness-heart, and then he will offer his oneness-heart to others. In the spiritual life, one has to be a seeker first. Then his aspiration he will offer to the world at large: That is his art. That is his progress for earth and his service to God.