Last Day: Self-Transcendence Shore

Budjargal won the race with 502 miles

Susan won for the women with 442 miles

Board at the end of 6 days

An interview with Sahishnu


Yolanda ran 351 miles

Wei Ming ran 406 miles

Sanyogita with t shirts

Tsai Wen Ya ran 385 miles

Singers practicing




Roger ran 201 miles

Phillip ran 389 miles

Dipali race commentary


Harita, Patti and Dan

Patrick ran 366 miles

Patanga ran 264 miles

Padyatra ran 247 miles

Michel ran 264 miles


Mario and Paramita

Makula ran 342 miles

Kalpa ran 285 miles

Giribhu ran 315 miles

Gesiane ran 325 miles

Edwige ran 207 miles


Chander ran 288 miles

Mark Dorion interview


take down


Budan ran 398 miles


Annabel ran 426 miles


Andrea ran 463 miles




Adrian ran 411 miles


By no means does self-transcendence
Mean an impossible task,
And possibility can and must reach

3 thoughts on “Last Day: Self-Transcendence Shore”

  1. Utpal you have once again outdid yourself with beautiful, inspiring , elegant, and eloquent reporting of the hero’s journey!
    I am sure your ‘ 6 day’ , is also filled with hard, loving , and self transcendent feelings also!
    Thank you so much !

  2. Thank you Utpal for the great work, it means so much for all of us who cannot be present in person.
    Thank you for all the inspiration!

  3. It means very much, sharing the self-transcendence spirit with us all. Many thanks, Utpal!

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