Month: May 2009

  • Precious Beyond Measure

    New York city residents can perhaps be forgiven if they boast or claim to have seen just about everything.  When you are living in a melting pot, for just about all the world’s cultures, and in addition, you are the home of the United Nations, most New Yorkers will not be surprised much by what […]

  • Akbar the Great

    In the world of competitive athletics and adventure sport, whether or not you have succeeded or failed is easily measured.  A stopwatch, a tape measure, or simply crossing the finish line are the incontrovertible guides, as to how your achievement can be objectively judged.   If you are setting a world record than your effort […]

  • A Window Into the Infinite

    In August of 1978, when Sri Chinmoy turned 47 he initiated the first 47 mile race.  It was the first ultra distance event in the center and was created solely to inspire his students and give them an opportunity to challenge their notions of what their perceived limitations might be, both inwardly and outwardly.  He […]

  • The Hardest Thing

    We are all asked, at special moments in our lives, to reach deep within and to bring forth, something  more of ourselves.  We are continually journeying to new heights in life, whether they be just one step up or even to reach the top of our own personal Everest. Our achievements may go unnoticed by […]

  • In a Blink It Will All Be Over

    It has been a place for celebration and a place to experience pain.  There is never enough sleep for anyone, and yet everyone begins to see sleep as an elusive friend who promises much and sometimes gives back much less than bargained for.  Perhaps all have wished at some time, in the dark of night […]

  • Something Special to Offer to the World

    “I think I am being shown that age is in the mind.”  Dipali Cunningham is 50 years old and with each new mile she runs she is drawing tantalizingly closer to doing something miraculous, which is to break her own world record.  In the spring of 2001 she ran 510 miles for 6 days which […]