Day 41…School Of Life (July 28)

If Sergey had started running east from his home in Nizhny Novgorod on June 18 instead of around the block that contains Thomas Edison High school, his 2139 miles would have taken him across much of Russia.  Instead, after 40 days he begins his day in the exact same spot he started his epic journey.  Circling the same block now 3898 times.

Of course Sergey’s journey, like that of all the 10 runners is not just about how far they have gone by foot, but just how much then can accomplish within.  What new horizons in their inner life’s journey can they reach. New goals that can never be tracked or recorded by lap sheets and score boards

In our previous discussion Sergey philosophically spoke about all the runners he shares this sacred path with.  This time I hoped he might speak more about himself.  But always the humble smiling selfless man that he is, he continued this time to speak about the inspiration he has received from the many visitors to the course over the past 40 days.

“I would like to talk today about the other people who come to the race to help.  I am much more inspired by their example.  They are stories of daily trials and heroism.  In this way we are inspiring one another.  Here it feels that the entire universe is composed of those who are inspiring one another.”

“For example when Ashrita comes to the race he trains on the field right next to us.  He is training for his records and as you know he is the holder of the most Guinness records.  He is always thinking of new and new and new.  New things and new records to be broken.  When he is training we can see him from our track.  He is always so inspiring.  It is great to see that.”

“Also coming to this track is one runner who has run more than 500 marathons.  Most of them he has run in under 3 hours.  That for me is unbelievably inspiring.  Of course it is Arpan.  He has a project that has run for many many years.  It is that he runs on his birthday the same number of miles as the years he has spent on earth.”

“This time on July 23 he was running 65 miles, most of it on this track. So I was just thinking.  O Arpan if you get to live to be 80 years old on that day you will have to run 80 miles.  Or maybe even 90.”

“Also, not long ago Karteek came to this track.  He has swum the English channel 11 times.  So when these people come here, it is like they inspire us, and in turn we inspire them.  In this way we are supporting one another.”

“Sometimes Suprabha comes and she is someone who has run this 3100 mile race 13 times.  She is so tiny, so small. I am always thinking how is it possible that she could have done this.”

“Somehow this race is attracting people who have accomplished all kinds of achievements.  A great variety of different people.  Always when these people come their stories are all so rich that it helps us to move forward.”

“This race has been an amazing experience.  It is like a school of life.  Because here every day is so intense.  Now it is day 41.  In regular life there is no way you can have so many experiences.  You could not possibly learn as much as you learn here in one day.  It is a very very rich experience.”

To be a good student of life
You must feel the necessity of going
Not only to the outer school
But also to the inner school.

The board at Start of Day 41





Vajra and Yuri


Yolanda and coach Renae



Rupantar demonstrates the webcam

Kaneenika and Harita


A little help waking up



Horst is back and helps in the morning

Nearly time

Shoe on

Start Day 41

Another great day

Vasu had another great day with 66 miles 122 laps

He now has 2638 miles

He could finish in a little over 7 days

A great performance


Nirbhasa did 59 miles 109 laps

He now has 2543 miles

He could finish in 9 more days

Happy rock

Kaneenika ran 63 miles 115 laps

She now has 2532 miles

She is now just 11 miles behind 2nd place

She is 65 miles ahead of last year


Harita did 60 miles 111 laps

She now has 2385 miles

With Katya

She is grabbing back a slight cushion in miles

And still telling jokes


Yolanda did 63 miles 115 laps

She now has 2356 miles

Renae with a massage

She has to do at least 113 laps to finish

Everyone hopes for the best


Smarana did 57 miles 105 laps

He now has 2203 miles

His best day in a week


Working out the kinks

A bit of green

Andrey did 59 miles 109 laps

He now has 2154 miles

Strong and determined


Sergey did 47 miles 86 laps

He now has 2139 miles


Nidhruvi did 53 miles 98 laps


She now has 2075 miles

She now has 2075 miles

A bit of green

For the 2nd day Ananda-Lahari did the most miles

He did 71 miles 131 laps

A new and determined look





Watering the garden

Sahishnu’s shirt

“The Doctor told me…..Stick to Protein only.  But this looks like a worm.  Doesn’t it?”

A bit of green

Prayer of the Day read by Bhadra

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The shirt designed by Sri Chinmoy in honor of their name, Enthusiasm Awakeners

Enthusiasm Awakeners

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I studied in three schools
That do not believe in failure:
My first school was the school of
My second school was the school of
My third school was the school of

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  1. we are so lucky and blessed to be able to read these reports from the race every day and to get a small glimpse into their world with all your interviews. I absolutely think of them when I do my physical therapy exercises and am able to gradually increase the distance I can walk – my new record is now 1.8 miles since injury and my pt sessions are starting to simulate walking on uneven ground, etc. which until recently felt entirely off limits. A far cry from their achievements but transcendence is transcendence and we only compete against ourselves.

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