Month: September 2021

  • Day 26: Try To Go Forward

    “I think it is just like in our life.  It goes up and down the same as the race.  We try to never give up.” “I think I have had many experiences this time, which I needed.  This race is very similar to my first race in which quite a lot of things happened.” Last […]

  • Day 25: I Really Love The Experience

    “This is the longest race in the world and I am here.  It is an honor and I really value it.  I really love the experience, and I am really happy that I am here.” This answer could come from no one other than Ananda-Lahari who now in his 17th straight year at the event […]

  • Day 24: I Am Being Helped

    “The significance of the race for me  has not changed.  It has always been to complete the distance .” Yesterday Takasumi ran 60 miles giving him a 23 day total of 1372 miles.  At the end of an additional 3 days of running here the crucial half way point will have been reached.  Takasumi has […]

  • Day 23: The Meaning To Be Here

    “I was very willing to come to the race, but I didn’t understand its true meaning until I actually got here.” It has been 3 weeks for all the runners now to adjust and find both the method and meaning of why they have come here to do this supremely difficult thing.  For Wei Ming […]

  • Day 22: Dare To Believe

    “I think we all know that our minds put boundaries on things.  I think we have a sense deep inside of us, of this unlimited potential and capacity that we have.  But we sometimes do not have the means to access it.  Or to really believe in ourselves or to have the spiritual capacity to […]

  • Day 21: To Believe That We Can Do It

    “I believe it was 2002 and I had just won the 47 mile race.”  About this same time Sri Chinmoy was hoping to expand the field for the 3100 mile race.  “I felt something inner.  It was an a-hah moment.  So I applied.”  Shift the calendar to the following year and there was no response.  […]

  • Day 20: When God Touches The Earth

    “When God touches the earth anything is possible.  To be sincere, I didn’t expect.”  A week ago Andrea’s mileage had dipped below 70 miles a day when at the race in Salzburg he had regularly maintained an average of more than 70.  But now for the past 6 days he is not only keeping comfortably […]

  • Day 19: We Have To Be Grateful

    “I have learned a lot of things.  I have tried to learn.”  I had asked Vasu if he had gained anything from the physical troubles that he had been experiencing recently and which now seems to be resolved. His dilemma had not gone unnoticed by his friends and admirers both near and far. “I want […]

  • Day 18: This Is Where I Want To Be

    As a little boy Ananda-Lahari says, “I always used to like to run and jump around.” He adds that the first time he heard about orienteering in school he wanted to do it.  “I started orienteering when I was six years old. I can say that it was almost my religion.” He says that for […]

  • Day 17: A Feeling Of Accomplishment

    “Actually there are ups and downs.  There are times when I feel more elated and also times when I feel more down.  On the outside I try my best to smile and be calm as much as possible.”  I had asked Takasumi if he was as peaceful on the inside as he appears to be […]