Day 37…Inner Reality (July 24)

The weather broke today and in so doing the drop in temperature brought irregular waves of heavy showers.  A blessing for most and a mixed curse for those with already blistered feet.

For Harita things are going very well.  She is consistently running 60 mile days and now only has to maintain a 59 mile a day average in order to cover the final 956 miles.  A distance which is further than the entire length of her country New Zealand.

When asked if she ever imagined that things would have worked out the way they have, she says, “No.”

“I really didn’t think about it actually.  I had no idea.  I didn’t have any goals.  It was always just to do my best, really, and to keep it all in God’s hands.”

“The only reason I am doing it is because I had the inspiration that this is what my soul wanted me to do.  So then I felt, whatever I do, I will do my best.”

“I can’t believe that it has been 5 weeks.  It feels like is has been just a big blur of one day.  I don’t know whether or not I am surprised because I really had no idea what to expect.  I have seen a lot of difficult things happen to people over the years.  A lot of really big challenges.”

“There is always going to be something wrong.  There is always going to be a pain here or an ache there.  Feel like your getting a stomach virus.  So I am learning to accept that and be okay with that.”

photo by Alakananda

“So you have to keep going which is an incredible lesson for life that you can’t be affected by obstacles.  To see them as part of life.  They make you stronger.  They really help you develop faith, and confidence, and patience, and perseverance. So many qualities that are so essential for life.”

“I am really not trying to think about the whole distance.  That is really hard.  Your mind just wants to constantly think about how many more days,  how many more miles.  As soon as your knee gets sore you think how will it ever be possible to do 20 more days.  My mind is constantly wanting to look into the future like that.”

“Try and figure out how impossible this is going to be.  So I am really trying focus on living in the moment.  Be happy in the moment.  That is probably my biggest challenge.”

“I am much more aware of the inner reality all of the time than I am in my regular life, and of the importance of my state of consciousness.  Also just the fact that it is there and it is a tremendous opportunity to pray and to meditate and to be closer to the divinity that we all have at every moment within us but we so often removed from it because of our outer lives.”

My heart’s inner vision
Has to be
My life’s outer reality.

The board at the start of Day 37











Final moments

Start Day 37

The morning weather map

Monday morning traffic heading into Manhattan

Vasu had a very good day with 66 miles 122 laps

He now has 2383 miles

A distance that would take him from St Petersburg to Mongolia

He is doing well


Nirbhasa had 62 miles 115 laps

He now has 2296 miles

A bit of green

Kaneenika did 62 miles 115 laps

photo by Alakananda

She now has 2275 miles

Not far behind Nirbhasa

Help from Tanya

Having a laugh


Harita did 60 miles 111 laps

With Cathy Oreter

Photo by Alakananda

Coming off of break

Preparing the act

Telling jokes

The comedy duo

A glass from Ashadeep

Running well


Yolanda did 62 miles 113 laps a number she needs to maintain

She now has 2107 miles

A rare unfashion moment

Getting help from Shamus who just finished his own big race in Tennessee


Smarana did 45 miles 82 laps

He now has 2017 miles

photo by Alakananda

Getting advice from Mario

Karteek leaves today

photo by Alakananda


Andrey did 54 miles 100 laps

photo by Alakananda

He now has 1939 miles

Coming off a break

Moving along


Sergey did 47 miles 87 laps

Sergey now has 1938 miles


Nidhruvi did 54 miles 99 laps

She now has 1865 miles

Hot chocolat

telling jokes

With Mareike

A bit of green

Ananda-Lahari did 46 miles 84 laps

Photo by Alakananda

He now has 1744 miles

Getting help from Karteek

At home




Alan and Sundar on Sunday

photo by Alakananda

Karteek is going

Shamus back from Vol State run

Alan dealing with some water issues

Mandra sorting out cups

The morning crew

A bit of green

Prayer of the Day read by Saroja

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prayer saroja

Enthusiasm Awakeners

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Not by changing the appearances
Of the outer life,
But by improving the realities
Of the inner life,
We all can have peace.

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  1. Utpal I love the amazing drone shots of the runners and the course!
    It adds a beautiful dimension to your wonderful stories!

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