Month: June 2014

  • June 30: The Inner Race

    “I am doing so phenomenally well that, I shouldn’t be allowed to be here.” Over all his long and joyful years of running, Ray Krolewicz has run more miles, gathered more friends and admirers, and found more joy and fulfillment in his life than just about any person you will ever meet. He has been […]

  • June 29: Experience That

    Matt’s path has brought him here to the race quite a few times over the past 5 years.  He has been to the start of the race at least a couple of times.  But in all the previous occasions he had come out to this little corner of Queens he had never been here at […]

  • June 28: Beauty Of The Heart

    When musicians come to perform near Thomas Edison high school in Queens NY, they are assured that their audience will be uniquely appreciative of anything that they play. The audience, if you can ascribe that term to the 14 very weary runners here.   By now they have circled the school nearly 2,000 times each.  […]

  • June 27: An Experience Inside

    “I hope much better.”  I had just asked Vasu how he was. It is the kind of polite question we ask most people when we greet them briefly on the street.  The person responds with some idle pleasantries and then in the usual dance of etiquette, they in turn ask after your well being as […]

  • June 26: Travel The Uncharted Land

    Late one night a few days ago as William was taking the short walk back to the house that he shares with Ray K, he probably enjoyed for at least a brief moment that sweet realization that he had just set his first record here at the race. It is a feeling he is going […]

  • June 25: That Is Wisdom

    “We have to make choices.  The masses of people they are making a choice to live a comfortable and mundane life.” For the moment we are walking at a gentle pace.  Minutes earlier Swamaji Parameshanandaji of Bharat Sevashram Sangha, had been almost sprinting around the course.  It is not often that he ever moves around […]

  • June 24: Deeper Inside

    “I am trying to keep it simple.  I am going back to the philosophy of my first race, one day at a time. And I have one addition to it.  Yesterday never happened.  Which means it is always today.  Tomorrow will take care of itself.” Three years ago when Sarvagata entered the race for the […]

  • June 23: Doing Something

    “I am just doing something.”  Teekshanam adds, that he is not categorizing his performance so far in the race as neither bad nor good.  “I am just doing something that feels good.  If it feels good than you are okay.” His is a soft and thoughtful voice, and though he is tall and slender he […]

  • June 22: The World Within

    “When you run this race you open up the world within yourself.  In this race the runner finds out the essence of his place in this world, and you also find out the meaning of your existence for humanity.” Each of the 14 runners has their own unique and individual way of describing what running […]

  • June 21: Make Progress

    “It is perfect.  The sun is shining and a runner is running,” says Sopan to me this morning, as he jogs with light shuffling steps beside me. It is very early on a quiet bright Saturday morning, the 21st of June.  It is a date that smacks of special significance for most of us.  For […]