Month: April 2014

  • 6 & 10 Day Race… Day 11

    Over the course of our rich long lives, 6 or 10 days is not very much time.  Throughout our lifetimes we all will see and be part of so much more.  Experiences will come to us, both what we planned and sought after, and others, that arrive before us, daunting, mysterious, joyous, and sometimes profound. […]

  • 6 & 10 Day Race… Day 10

    Sometime late last night Shamita was just so sick that she simply could not continue.  She had been battling a cold and fever for 6 days and the state of her declining health was getting more serious.  What else could she do? With 36 hours still left on the clock it was not something this […]

  • 6 & 10 Day Race… Day 9

    “It is kind of interesting.  I did some strong days, and I was thinking about all this high mileage, that I felt somehow I had to do.  And I was getting uninspired.  Then I got some good advice from Dipali….just relax.” “Be in the right place and be grateful and the miles will come.” “There […]

  • 6 & 10 Day Race… Day 8

    For 3 days his face has born the unwavering expression of a man focused on doing but one singular and extremely difficult task.  Never distracted, never bothered, never surrendering to the pains and fatigue that must be grinding away within the deep dark recesses of his very core. The kind of strains and pains that […]

  • 6 & 10 Day Race… Day 7

    It may be just a coincidence or it may be part of a great plan.  But whatever it is that brings Luis to the Self Transcendence race each spring, it means as well that he is always here on April 25th, which just happens to be his birthday. Luis had one of those milestone birthdays […]

  • 6 & 10 Day Race… Day 6

    Hello everyone, my name is Lo, Wei Ming. It is my pleasure to come to New York to participate in this race. I’ve heard that there is no other runner from Asia except me. I hope my participation will bring more Asian runners in the future. I also hope to get inspiration for my life […]

  • 6 & 10 Day Race… Day 5

    At noon time, on this cool blustery day in Flushing Meadow the runners of the 6 day race, joined those already on the course for the Self Transcendence 10 day race.  Sifting through the bios it should be noted that the 80 runners out here, even for the geographically challenged, represent more than 20 countries. […]

  • 6 & 10 Day Race… Day 4

    This Self Transcendence race provides a lot of experiences to lots of people.  To the runners first and foremost it offers a one of a kind opportunity to really test and expand upon who and what they are.  When an athlete comes to this race it is impossible not to be challenged in every part […]

  • 6 & 10 Day Race… Day 3

    No one would ever say that watching a multi day race is the most exciting thing to do, particularly on a bright Spring day in New York city.  The one mile loop of the Self Transcendence race meanders around an odd corner of Flushing Meadow park. With just 53 runners stretched out along the course, […]

  • 6 & 10 Day Race …Day 2

    Anyone who has ever run a marathon has probably experienced those nagging moments when your mind is bombarded by countless pointless thoughts.  Culminating in one of the most foolish, ‘Will I make it to the finish line?’ Scanning mileage markers, checking on your impatient time piece, and seriously questioning your own ability to push through […]