God’s Beauty: It is in Our Hearts

Most days Sulochana still makes the long trek from her home to open up her small shop on 164th st.. She has been taking this same walk to and fro, up and down the steep hill along the way nearly every day for 30 years. Countless numbers of women from around Queens neighborhood and beyond have been grateful and glad that she has not stopped.

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Now at age 85, the trip takes a little longer than it once did. But though she is slower these days in making the trip, it is unlikely she is going to stop opening her door to customers any time soon.

Her shop, God’s Beauty is nestled amidst a long strip of stores. On either side of her are 2 big bright delis. Making a conspicuous contrast to her own tiny blue shop caught in between. But far from being eclipsed, her store, as well as the equally blue Annam Brhahma close by, stand out for reasons that become clear once you enter.


Book-0179It is not just that God’s beauty is painted bright blue, but perhaps as well because of just what it is, a divine enterprise.  There is also the fact that Sulochana is a remarkable person who has spent most of her life trying to bring out the beauty in others. What most find, when they leave her shop however, is that she has also enhanced and brought to the fore their inner beauty as well. Something that has no price tag.

The remarkable story of her early life as a refugee fleeing Hungary in 1957 is an epic adventure that can be best learned about by reading her book. Not knowing any English and actually taking several attempts before she and her husband succeeded is a compelling story.

Yet what is so inspiring about Sulochana these days is not just her history but her tireless devotion to Sri Chinmoy her late spiritual teacher. An all encompassing presence in her life that she continues to draw inspiration and fulfillment from.

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