Day 38…It Is Possible (July 25)

I am pretty sure each one of us at some time would wish to be the author of our own destiny.  That we would somehow be able to make the time line of our lives more practical if not rewarding.  On days when we fail at something to then be able to rewrite our failure into success.

But of course the struggle is what allows us to appreciate each and every new step we take on the very long path to our own self transcendence.  On our better days we all also realize that the fabric of our destiny is woven neat and perfect for us, if only we can see it and believe it to be true. A task easy for our hearts but one not so well accommodated by a questioning mind

Yesterday Smarana completed 34 miles 63 laps of the course. There is nothing he more he would like to do now than run.  A capacity that seems for the time being to be hopelessly adrift from his grasp.  And so he walks the course as others pass him by.  He searches deep inside himself for a smile that once came so easily and he continues to search for the goal that has called all the runners here. To transcend, transcend, and transcend.

“Running was always in my family.  My family lived on the outskirts of a town.”  Smarana says that there was a track about 1 km long there created by a local factory and starting at age 6 his father would take him there in the evenings.  They ran together and as he got better the distance increased.  “Right from the beginning running was in the family.”

“It is so easy.  You only need shoes, a shirt, and shorts.  You don’t need much equipment.”

“I was in a sports club and did many different kinds of sports.  Running was one of the sports.  When I joined the Sri Chinmoy center then the big goal was the marathon.  I think it was 1993 when I did my first marathon.  I was so proud of myself.  A mental barrier in my mind just fell.  It is possible to run a marathon.”

“It shows so many times that it is just the mental barrier which is holding us back.  Once I did a marathon then came 100km, and then 24 hours.  It just shows that it is possible.  To go further and further.  It is nice.”

Photo by Jowan

Smarana says that the first time he took a serious interest in ultra running was the challenge of the 700 mile race.  “It was just there.”  Someone else in Vienna had done it and he was inspired, “I also want to do it.”  He committed to it with less than 2 years from doing his first marathon.  “It just all happened.  I didn’t plan it out.”

“Here, in the beginning you take its loudness and turmoil of the world with you.  In the course of time it just ebbs away and you feel a peace permeating your being.  There is stillness and peace.”  Smarana says such an experience is very difficult to achieve in his ordinary day to day life.

“Day after day in multi days they really help.  Because day after day you get deeper and deeper.  Especially this race is like a pilgrimage into yourself.  Finding your inner peace and poise.  It is nice if it falls into place with achieving the outer distance.  But this is just one aspect.  The deeper aspect you really take with you is the inner transformation of your nature and poise and peace.”

” And seeing that any problems you have are not such big problems.  It is we ourselves that make them big.  When you are here you get a different perspective.”

The life of spirituality
Not only invites possibility
But also transforms possibility
Into manifested reality.

The board at the start of Day 38

Wide open Tuesday


Yolanda staying on track

Umbrellas not needed today



Vajra leaves

Alexy getting ready

Sergey and Andrey


The boys

Kaneenika and Harita



Yes it is cold


Harita talks to Gints about her foot

Shoe on



Everybody’s favorite read

No Nidhruvi will not be counting today



Start Day 38

Overcast and unusually cool

Vasu did 59 miles 108 laps

He now has 2442 miles

Going over the daily prayer with Sasha

Shows me an inspirational letter that all the runners received today from Cathy Oreter

To all the 3100 Runners

Before I get on a plane to England I want to thank your for the commitment you made to be part of the epic 3100 Mile Race.  Even writing that number inspires me.  I have enjoyed running and walking with you and talking about so many things, but mostly learning of your dedication to this achievement.  You have face adversity and forged ahead into that mystic place none can wholly understand unless one’s millions of footsteps have touched your steps.  Your effort I applaud and your heart’s desire I admire.  After each visit I leave immensely happy with your continuation of effort.  A light comes forth from you out to an expectant planet.  Days are now disappearing to August 8.  Enjoy the process of completion.  It is well deserved.

With my gratitude

Cathy Oreter


Nirbhasa did the most for the boys with 61 miles 112 laps

He now has 2358 miles

With Arpan

He is 135 miles ahead of his 2015 pace


Kaneenika once again did the most mileage  64 miles 117 laps

She now has 2340 miles

With Tanya

On a great pace

A wave and smile to Shephali


Harita did 60 miles 111 laps

She now has 2205 miles

Shoe decisions with Ashadeep

Jokes with Nidhruvi

More decisions

A bit of green

Yolanda keeping up the right pace with 62 miles 113 laps

She now has 2169 miles

She is also successful at maintaining her weight

Diva smile


Smarana did 34 miles 63 laps

He now has 2051 miles

Photo by Jowan

By Jowan


Andrey did 52 miles 95 laps

He now has 1991 miles and passed by 2000 miles early today


Sergey did 49 miles 90 laps

He started the day 1988 miles and also passed 2000 miles early today


Nidhruvi did 52 miles 96 laps

She now has 1918 miles

telling jokes

A crowd pleaser


Ananda-Lahari did 48 miles 89 laps

He now has 1797 miles




Alexy writing out the daily prayer

Parvati humor

Alan on refreshments

“Just so that you will know I am the big bird around here and what I say goes…. Until the bigger feet come along that is.”

Chetana reads the Daily Prayer

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Chetana poem

Enthusiasm Awakeners

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Not beyond man’s possibility
Is God-realisation.
Not beyond earth’s possibility
Is earth-transformation.
Not beyond my possibility
Is my Himalayan self-transcendence.

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  1. ни один журналист не в состоянии делать такие замечательные репортажи 52 дня подряд! Найти тему, придумать вопросы, сделать фото и все это скомпоновать в статью, которую люди ждут каждое утро – это потрясающе!!!
    no journalist in a position to make such wonderful stories 52 days in a row! To find a theme to come up with questions, take photos and all this put together in the article that people are waiting for every morning is amazing!!!

  2. Thank you Olga, you are absolutely correct, I don’t know how Utpal manages to make each interview better than the previous one. They help me go through the day. The runners have the absolute best answers too. especially Smarana today .
    Gratitude, gratitude gratitude

  3. I also have to confirm Olgas statement. For me Utpal is a divine interviewer – so very very talented. I have lots of joy & positive emotions reading those “insights” into the runners & their dedication par excellence. Maybe Utpal should write a book on the 3100 – since his own thoughts and feelings about this race are so deep and genuine… Gratitude.

  4. I am also signing under words of Olga!))))
    Thank you, talented Utpal. Thanks God for this race on earth!

  5. Thank you God, for having Utpal!)
    He is doing his race of 52 articles and interviews. GOOD JOB!!!!

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