Month: June 2015

  • June 30: Extend Your Limits

    “There are 2 constructions going on at the same time.  It is only for the strong.” Stutisheel, and all the other runners are going to have endure an extraordinary amount of distraction for the next 2 days.  Construction on the school, with its unique hazards of scaffolding and trucks, was an anticipated feature of this […]

  • June 29: Divine Food

    “I am making a very special thing.  It is a juice made of carrots and apples.  It is full of vitamins and it is very good for runners.” Klara says this with such enthusiasm and warmth that I almost think for a moment that I have stepped out of the every day world and entered […]

  • June 28: To Watch Such Dedication

    Sahishnu becomes animated as he speaks about the heavy rains that swept across the area last night.  He and Sandhani have long had the jobs of watching over the race during the dwindling hours of evening.   At midnight they put the race to bed and will not find their own beds for many hours […]

  • June 27: Every Day A Miracle

    “Every day out here is a miracle for me.  I am just going to keep going as far as I can. Hopefully it is enough to finish.  If it is not than every day has been great.” This morning when I ask Grahak how he feels his first reaction is a very large sigh.  […]

  • June 26: Everybody Has A journey

    Each of the 12 runners here has their own unique vision of what the race means to them and their own distinct voice in expressing what it is they see and feel and experience here.  Building this vision and this story with each new lap and each new day they run around the course. Every […]

  • June 25: Just Go Forward

    “I am good.  A little bit slower this morning. I just go without ever pace I am able to do.  The main thing is to just go forward.” Nirbhasa says this with the same cheerful lightness and enthusiasm that has categorized everything he has said and done for more than 11 days. In that period […]

  • June 24: Inwardly Happy

    When Kaneenika started running this morning at the 3100 mile race she was taking her first steps into uncharted territory for her. Many times she has run the 10 day race in Flushing Meadow but for her today is the start of day 11.  A new milestone in an exemplary and distinguished career of this […]

  • June 23: We Can Dive Inside

    Last year Vasu set a personal best in this race by breaking his previous record by 1 hour and 15 minutes.  In fact in each of his 3 previous races he transcended himself each time.  For we impatient voyeurs on the sideline, a handful of minutes extracted from 47 plus days of struggle seems almost […]

  • June 22: My Soul Running

    “I am having a good time this year, but I still remember the 10 day race.” Atmavir has had a long and remarkable history running the 3100 mile race.  Starting in 2007 he ran 7 straight years.  His best performance was in 2009 when he ran 45 days and 3 hours.  Last year he decided […]

  • June 21: New Things To Transcend

    “I really would like to come back.” I had just joked with Suprabha that Ashprihanal is going to tie her record of completing the race 13 times.  She laughs as she says this, but her comment is not far from the range of the possible. Suprabha has continually defied our notions of strength and […]