Day 42… All Gratitude To Be Here (July 29)

Imprinted on the running shorts that she is wearing today are the words, Happy Run.  They are a perfect match for the smile that she has so often carried with her these past 41 days.

In a race that did not develop quite as she had hoped but in many ways as she intuitively expected, she has now run 2128 miles.  Nidhruvi’s joy and infectiously positive attitude will most definitely help her with the not so easy next 11 more days of running here at the Self Transcendence 3100 mile race.

I ask her if over the course of the race she can value the hard days as much as the better ones.  “I guess so.  It is not just the days it is even the moments.  You have moments when you are totally happy and then it can switch so fast, and sometimes you don’t even know why.”

“Sometimes you start crying and you have no idea why.  So it is really really interesting.”

“For me there is so much gratitude that I have to be here and to serve my Guru and to serve the world.  So it doesn’t matter how hard it is.  It is just such a privilege.  Therefore I am totally grateful.”

She laughs when I ask her if she will be sad when day 52 at last comes.  “I am not.  I am looking forward to it so much.”

Nidhruvi says that she has not had any major experiences.  “It is maybe all the little experiences put together that you see how many miracles you experience every day.  Especially in the beginning.  Now I am kind of in my flow.  There are now so many problems that I now know how to solve.  If they occur.  If they are physical problems or even mental problems.  You just always have to stay focused.”

“All those little miracles in which there was a problem coming up.  You sometimes find immediately a solution if you stay calm and have faith.  And just don’t give up.  That is just so miraculous for me.  Then immediately the answer to your problems comes.”

Sri Chinmoy, particularly when he was still with us could inspire his students to do much more than they could even thought possible.  I ask Nidhruvi if she had any experiences like that.

In 2000 she first attempted the 1,300 mile race, “which is really extremely difficult.  After 4 or 5 days I had to quit the race.  I was so badly injured, that I had to stop.”

“After the race I saw Sri Chinmoy.  I was standing in front of him and I was just crying like a little girl.  Then he smiled at me so sweetly.  Then he said, don’t cry.  You know life’s experiences.  Then he smiled even more and said…..Next Year.”

She came back to the same race the following year and says, “it was so difficult.  I had to run every day 68, 69, and even 70 miles.  So quite often I remembered what Sri Chinmoy had said the year before, next year.  So I hoped, even with all my difficulties that I could finish the race.”

“But it was so hard that on the last day I did not know how to move any more.”  She had her last mid day break and 2 friends who were concerned about her asked if they should tell Sri Chinmoy about her problems.  “I said, yes, please.”

When she came out of her break the 2 same girls were there to greet her.  They said, “You know what Sri Chinmoy said.  He wants you to win!  I said, O my God.”

At this same time she was in close competition with another girl and were always just a few miles apart.  “So I had no idea how to do this.  Because I could hardly move.”

“Usually at midnight I would take a break for 2 hours.  But somehow when that break time came I was in a flow.  I thought, that if I stopped maybe I couldn’t move on any more.  So I was sitting down sitting next to the East river and looking at the Manhattan skyline in the night sky.”

“I asked Sri Chinmoy inwardly what should I do.  Should I continue or should I go for a break.  Immediately I felt the answer….continue.”

“So this is how I finished early and won the race.”

Gratitude is not a mere dictionary word.
Gratitude is the golden link
Between man’s heart and God’s Heart.

Dipali’s Race Tips

The board at the start of Day 42

The Clock



Andy has come to help support Yolanda


Renae talks with Andy

Vajra leaves



Team Yolanda





Very soon

Start Day 42

Overcast and windy

Vasu had 63 miles 115 laps

Gopi patrol

He now has 2701 miles

Just 400 more to go

A bit of green

Nirbhasa did 61 miles 112 laps

Another dog inspector keeping watch

He now has 2604 miles

He starts the day just 8 miles ahead of Kaneenika


Kaneenika did 63 miles 116 laps

She now has 2596 miles

Just received the daily prayer.  Suhasini expecting rain any minute

The smile

Giving some advice to Harita about inserets

A bit of green

Harita did 59 miles 109 laps

She now has 2445 miles

Working on the shoes with Katya


555 miles to go

Telling jokes


Yolanda did 62 miles 113 laps

She now has 2418 miles

She must continue to do at least 62 miles a day for the next 11

A great competitor


Smarana did 49 miles 90 laps

He now has 2252 miles

Good to have Horst back


Andrey did 48 miles 88 laps

He now has 2202 miles

His wife is here to help


Sergey did 49 miles 90 laps

He now has 2188 miles

He is 14 miles behind Andrey

Happy rock

Nidhruvi did 53 miles 97 laps

She now has 2128 miles

telling jokes

The audience

A happy day

News from home

What a world



Ananda-Lahari ran the most yesterday with 74 miles 136 laps

He now has 2075 miles





Alan updates the board

Putting up a sign

Getting ready for the Saturday 2 mile race

Andy keeping track of his laps

A break

Renae and Dipali having a chat.

“Ugh, that is so sticky.  I need to speak to somebody about this course.”

Databir with a 3100 Mile Race story

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Poem of the day read by Guzel

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Prayer Guzel

Enthusiasm Awakeners

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A gratitude-tear from my heart
And a gratitude-smile from my life
Have given me, my entire being,
Utmost joy.

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