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  • Vasu’s Finish

    Just after 10pm Vasu became the champion of this years Sri Chinmoy Self Transcendence 3100 Mile Race He had one last long day of running The course becomes a busy place most nights Kobi’s team is just waiting until Thursday morning for his finish Gradually well wishers started to arrive The little things still had […]

  • Day 45… Game Of The Supreme (July 31)

    From the very beginning of the race each morning when Vasu saw me running off to interview a runner he would always ask who it was that day.   Inevitably he would make a comment like, “O, good boy.”  This morning I thought I should ask another runner instead how they would describe him, as this […]

  • Day 40…Our Spirituality Is Real (July 26)

    This morning Vasu passed one of his last great milestones before he reaches his finish line early next week.  A handful of people were there ringing small shiny bells and there were enthusiastic shouts and hoorays for him after he completed 2700 miles.  He didn’t slow down or pause for a picture.  He will only […]