Month: June 2012

  • June 30: Get Inspired

    There are many things in our lives that we are fond of or attached to but probably really do not ultimately give us much joy or any sense of an inner thrill.  We often try and erect safe fences at the outer boundaries of our mental perception of the world around us and then carefully […]

  • June 29: Frutiful Opportunity

    Any time in the past few weeks that I have felt tired, or sore, or simply just draped myself with a large heavy coat of self pity I have had to stop and give myself a sharp wake up call.  For no matter how bad things might seem to be for me there are 12 […]

  • June 28: Happiness Beyond That

    We are now almost about to crest into the apex of summer.  It is the classic time in which there is a convergence of all kinds of world class sporting events, which are going on now or are soon about to.   From my vantage point behind the counter of a certain food establishment I […]

  • June 27: The Impossible Is Possible

    For 18 hours a day the lives of the 12 runners here are intertwined in an intricate blend of poise and pain and of sky high dreams and grinding despair.  For 10 days straight they have never been further from each other than the unyielding dimensions of this unforgiving New York city block.  Yet at […]

  • June 26: My Choice

    How often is it that we feel that we have so many countless possible choices popping up all around us and then we fail to select any one of them and thus are unable to begin anything new in our lives.  The decision of any of the 12 runners to come or not to come […]

  • June 25: A Finish Line Ahead

    Yesterday the Self Transcendence race found itself with a brand new leader.  After 8 days of running Grahak  went home last night with 2 more miles posted on the board than Vasu, who is still recovering from a very bad blister.  Both runners have completed more than 500 miles.  For the rest of the sporting […]

  • June 24: Running Towards Our Goal

    Putting off hard decisions and trying to nimbly sidestep the inevitable commitment to our life journey are options we quite often too readily take. This is possible however only when we indulge in the fantasy that our mind is ultimately responsible for observing or judging our actions.  In the grand arena of life our higher […]

  • June 23: Conquer Yourself

    There are unfortunate moments in all our lives when we unwittingly define ourselves by what we cannot do.  It perhaps may be more accurate to clarify this even further and add, what we will not even willingly attempt to do.  If there is any lesson to be gained by observing the Self Transcendence runners who […]

  • June 22: My Captain Commands, Go on! Go on! Go on!

    As someone who has never run further than 50 miles  at any one time I know there will always be aspects of the race that I will never fully comprehend or appreciate.  I count myself as one of its true fans and am a sincere admirer of all that goes on here but there are […]

  • June 21: Survival

    “I am just trying to survive.” Pushkar has clearly been shaken by the conditions on the road here yesterday.  They are dramatic words but also it is a dramatic time right now here at the race.  It is almost as though it has only just begun and the weather has erupted with its own spicy […]