Month: April 2015

  • April 29… Go Beyond What Is In Front Of You

    Just a few hours ago the Self Transcendence race, a grand multi day festival of running, of sport, and perhaps of life itself came to an end.  For 18 years now, during the often gentle and sometimes challenging Spring weather in New York, some version of it has taken place on a winding one mile […]

  • April 28… It Is Truly A Miracle

    Mitch steps off the course with a look of contentment.  “I just did one of my morning laps and it was truly beautiful and amazing.”  For the past 9 mornings this has been one of the things he looks forward to most.  He never knows just who he will run with when he jogs over […]

  • April 27…Each Lap A Journey

    “O my, that wind that first day battered us.”  For those who spend every waking hour trying to run as far as you can, a discussion of the weather is not just a casual conversation.  Bad conditions are not just a matter of adding a layer of clothing.  For multi day runners the weather is […]

  • April 26…Really Beautiful Experience

    “I just had a soccer match behind my tent as I was trying to sleep.”  She confesses that she got a bit grumpy which just may be why she is out now on the loop pounding out another mile….”But its good.” Holding a multi day race in a public park will always have its short […]

  • April 25…Teaches You A Lot

    “It will take a lap or 2 and I will get running again.” Greg Ellis is typical in many ways of all the runners out here competing in the Self Transcendence races. At the moment he is moving slowly, a pace just a notch up from amble but not quite power walking.  He has however […]

  • April 24… What You Do Here

    He has held the lead for 5 days and shows no sign of easing his pace in the still long journey that lies ahead.  He is after all only half way to his goal.  There are still 5 more days to go.  In some ways a 10 day race would look easy compared with what […]

  • Into The Night

    The race throughout the 24 hour cycle has many faces and moods. At night the glare and noise of the city retreats somewhat and it becomes a still and much calmer world.  Yet still a place where so much is still happening and being transformed. Click to Play Film:  Dancing Healing Hands Her fingers press […]

  • April 23…A Life Of Self-Transcendence

    The new family of 6 day runners have made themselves at home here over the past few days.  Tents have been put up, last minute snacks have been stockpiled, and the chores, both mundane and important have been  put out of the way.  Things that the runners wish they had done, or training miles that […]

  • April 22nd….The One Mile Loop

    It is a very precise and accurately measured piece of road.  For many years trying to find the ideal course in Flushing Meadow park seemed like an endless quest.  Yet just a few years ago this particular configuration seemed to be, if not perfect, than at least an ideal set up for the large number […]

  • April 21st… I Run For God

    Nearly 20 years ago Georgs Jermoalajevs won the Self Transcendence 10 day race with 727 miles.  It was 1996 and he was 49….. (it is tempting but not accurate to say ‘just 49‘ ).  Back then his steps were light and strong and his face beamed with a radiance that shone brighter than practically every […]