Day 29… This Kind Of Focus (July 15)

“It takes time for everybody to get used to it.  You are here all day every day, and you are not in very comfortable conditions.  In terms of pain and tiredness.   Somehow you get used to it and it is easier.”

Ananda-Lahari is describing that it takes the runners sometimes weeks to get used to the rhythm, flow, and intensity of the race.   As someone who is now spending his 14th straight summer at the race you might think he might find it just a little easier each time, but he doesn’t.  It is an impossible thing to run 3100 miles, and it is impossible to spend 18 hours continuously moving around and around the block, but sometimes of course the quiet miracles do happen here. A miracle of self transcendence now well into its 22nd summer.

photo by Jowan

Not under a glare of light, not before a great audience of expectant viewers, but in the way that real champions do when faced with uncommon adversity.  Set steadfast aim towards the task and use all the strength of mind, heart and body that you have. Then keep plunging ever deeper within, to find even more strength and resolve to carry on to the summit of perfection.

“To me it seems that we can solve many problems when we are strong mentally.  There are some tips that can help you not to suffer here.”  Ananda-Lahari then tells me how he has helped himself considerably during hot weather by simply using coconut oil on his skin.  “I am very sensitive to the sun.  I get burned very easily.”

Towards the end of our talk I ask him if he gets familiar with many of the different people who come around the course at different times of the day and night.  “It is not like I want to cut off the outer world, but I take it as though I am running a marathon, but I would like to take it as if I were running 100 meter sprint.  I would like to have this kind of focus on the race.”

“I am not there yet but I like the idea, and I like to keep getting closer to that idea.  You are really running the race and this is all that you are focusing on.  To be calm, quiet, and relaxed and fully committed to the race.  I like the idea of going in silence.”

The board at the Start of Day 29 *The totals may not be accurate…. Magic number is 1668 *

Very early this morning heavy thundershowers came through

The medical tent partially collapsed

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Day 2…Perfect School For Life (June 18)

Ushika like all the other runners in this years Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race

Each runner should complete at least 109 laps each day or 59 miles if they want to make it to 3100 miles

Kobi and Vasu both had 83 miles

Vasu parks his bike

Yolanda tells me she wasn’t feeling well yesterday but she still managed 62 miles

Medur and Paramartha

Nisanga setting up

Getting ready

Ushika arrives

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Continue To Move On

A few months ago while visiting Cambodia I spoke with career UN diplomat, His Excellency Davidson L Hepburn. Having absolutely zero political experience I was curious and hopeful that he might shed some light on what is currently happening in the world and whether or not he was still optimistic.

“There are many answers to this question but I feel strongly that we spend a lot of time in talking about the bad things that are happening in our lives instead of talking about the good things.”

Ambassador Hepburn doesn’t suggest that we push negative thoughts into the background. “You need to have them in the foreground so that people will know that there are good things and evil things in the world.”

“But I feel that if we make up our minds to what we are doing here. This meditation group is the answer to all the problems that we have. I am impressed that you all are so dedicated to this. You can’t concentrate a great deal on the evil that is happening in the world. It is not going to stop. You have to continue what you are doing. It is very good. In that way you counteract the evil that is happening.”

When asked if he can detect progress in the world. “I don’t think it is possible for us to determine the degree of progress that we have made in achieving peace.   I feel we have to look at this step by step.”

Ambassador Hepburn told a cute story. “I asked a little girl, what was peace, and she said, peace is when I am fighting with my sister. That to me made a great deal of sense. Because once you have got this thing out of you, you have communicated it in a way. You are then able to go on to the next step.”

“You can’t concentrate on the bad things. If you are going to concentrate on anything then you should concentrate on the good things. That will then pacify your concerns about the evil that is in the world.”

“When I walk around here, (Siem Reap Cambodia) when I see what is going on. I don’t understand the people. I don’t understand the culture, but I do see, what I consider to be a great deal of suffering and pain. But these people don’t seem to be dwelling on that.”

“They go along with their lives. They try to make it work, as effectively as they possibly can. The moment you slink off into a corner, and concentrate on the negative things that are happening. The worse it is going to be.”

“No matter how bad it gets you should be concentrating on what’s good. When I leave here, what I do is concentrate on this mediation group. You can’t imagine what help, what kind of assistance, what kind of joy I get from being a part of this.”

He recalls Sri Chinmoy once saying, “you must continue to go on. Success is ahead of you, and if you give up before you reach the end than you are going to be losing out on what might have happened.”

Ambassador Hepburn then gave reference to his long friendship with Adhiratha. How he never gave up on him. “I think that says a lot for the kind of thing that I think we should be doing in our lives.   To continue to press on with what we have in ourselves.”

He speaks about the very close and brotherly relationship that he maintained with Sri Chinmoy over the years. “He was able to do so many different things with his life and that emanated from him.”

“He made you feel as though you were part of this. My concern always is that when I leave being with the meditation group (Return to the Bahamas). Whether or not I will be able to have this experience continue with me.”

Ambassador Hepburn is 85 years old and is still maintaining a busy schedule. I asked whether he agreed with Sri Chinmoy’s philosophy about no retirement. “Of course there isn’t. That is the whole point.”

“I think if you are talking about peace continuing, if you give up by believing that you have accomplished just what you have worked for. Then that is the wrong way to look at it.”

“I think you should continue to build on whatever you have done. Once you have stopped then you have defeated the purpose.”

As for the future, “I try and not set a benchmark. My goal is to continue to do what I am doing and to see what benefit I can get out of it for others. Not for me.”

“But it is very difficult when you look what is happening around you and see that you are faced with so many trials and tribulations. You can easily wonder, what in the world am I doing this for. But that is when you fight.   That is when you continue to move on.”

Currently Ambassador Hepburn is trying to set up an institute for International Relations. “All I want to do is bring people together. And this is what I think the meditation group is doing.”

“This mediation group consists of over 100 countries who get together to try and bring about a kind of love that is lasting. That is never going to fade away. Some of us may fall by the wayside but you can rest assured that the foundation has been laid. That is what I think is so very important. “

Click to Play Interview:


There is a saying in the Sanskrit scriptures: Charai veti, ‘Move on, move on!’ This was the realisation of our Vedic seers. If you don’t move on, you will be caught by ignorance. So always be alert, cautious and careful, and move on, move on, move on. If you move on, one day you will reach the Goal, where ignorance will not dare to touch you.”

30 July 1974

Sri Chinmoy, The ambition-deer, Agni Press, 1974

*Dr. Davidson Hepburn was the President of the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural  Organization (UNESCO) 35th Governing Council (2009 -2011).  During that time he encouraged many to visit World Heritage sites around world.  He explained why in messages he sent to the Sri Chinmoy Oneness- Home World Harmony and Peace Runs which he has experienced in his native Bahamas, Kazakhstan, Malta and other locations

*”I was delighted to see the Run visit a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites… drawing attention to the efforts of the international community to protect so many cultures around the world.  Initiatives such as the …Run contribute significantly to the realisation of one of UNESCO’s principal mandates: mutual understanding and our shared determination to build and strengthen a culture of peace and harmony”  See the full video message from UNESCO with sub titles in 25 languages for the 25th anniversary of the runs at

* Dr. Hepburn showed his continued commitment in 2018 as he personally visited the Angkor World Heritage sites in Siem Reap Cambodia with many members of the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home international torch relay teams from around the world. Also part of the tour were many longtime friends from the Peace Meditation at the UN from when Davidson Hepburn was Ambassador and Permanent Representative of his country during the 1970s and 80s (a decade) at the UN in NY. It was where he first became friends with Sri Chinmoy.


Visiting at Angkor Wat temple
Visiting with Monks in Cambodia

Day 13…A Oneness-Family (June 30)

As Smarana heads into his 13th day on the course I ask him if he has had to once again change plans.  I quiz him whether he is moved on from his first plan and started to skip through the various letters of the alphabet.  He has been going through some major blister issues over the past few days.

“Well plan A always has to be elastic.  Otherwise it is going to be tough here. If you stick to preconceived concepts”

“I would really like to speak about the oneness aspect of the race.  Due to some technical problems we didn’t get any messages via the Marathon Team website.  At least ones from Austria, I don’t know why. We didn’t get any messages so I just surrendered.  I just let it go.”

“Then they started using a different web account and messages started to come.  It made such a difference.”
“Sometimes you get lost in details.  The lap becomes very small, your world.  Then you have to broaden your perspective again.  It was so helpful to get the messages.  My helper (Horst) even had tears.  It was a touching thing.”

“I felt the oneness energy, the one big family.  There is an exchange of energy.  I give something to them and they give something to me.  It is something very nice.”

“Once a reporter from France was here and I asked him to come around with me and do a lap.  Then I asked him, what do you think about the race and he said, you are crazy.  I tried to explain to him but he just didn’t get it.  Then a film maker named Matt read this article and said I have to come here and I have to make a video.  This is the race.  This is the place to be.”

So it is like there is so much in this race.  Some feel it or get it, and for some it is difficult. The lap is neutral.  It is always here.  It can become a path of tears and joy, sorrow and delight, whatever.  It just unfolds.”

“It is so intense here because of the time pressure.  It makes it very condensed.  But even every day life gets intense sometimes.  But here you can go through a lifetime.  Everything is compressed and condensed and very very fast.”

“In the beginning it is always shaky.  Your body is being beaten up and thrashed but then you get stronger.  Your focus improves and your mindset gets stable.  You can say, get in the groove.”

“Horst has done a really good job with my blisters.  He is a carpenter and set up a table at his home to set up a working station.  He did research and now we are finally nailing the problem and it is great.”

“This is where you can really learn how to savor the moment.  Because when you are in the past it doesn’t help you and future is obscure anyway.  You can make your plans and go down the alphabet and then end up at z.  Sometimes you just let go and then in the evening you miraculously you just have your miles.”

“But if you stay in the mind and say 1 plus 1 equals 2 then you can’t work it out.  Once you let go it is all just happening.”

“In the last few days I really had issues with blisters.  And I said O boy, then I just let go.  Then in the evening I had my miles.  It was just like a miracle.”

The vision of a oneness-family
Will one day cover
The length and breadth
Of the world.

Sri Chinmoy, Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, part 16, Agni Press, 1999

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Start of the North American Peace Run….2016

Sri Chinmoy once said of the Peace Run, “It is the beginning of something unprecedented and it is the beginning of something ever transcending.”


The Peace Run is now in its 29th year, it was first inaugurated in New York in 1987.   Beginning on a day that looked and felt much like it did today.  Then on a cool bright April morning as an enthusiastic band of runners set off across America carrying a torch and attempting something new and unique..

Its’ goal being, only to inspire and include all those, young and old alike, who wanted more peace.  Not just in themselves but also in the world around them.

salil3-1200637Salil has been organizing the Peace Run for many years now.  At this mornings ceremony, he introduced a number of people who gave highlights of the Peace over the past 29 years.  Arpan read a quote from Sri Chinmoy that he said at that first ceremony.   The ceremony at time was  carried live on the Today show.

“Let us pray to God to grant us the capacity, out of his infinite bounty to sleeplessly serve the Peace aspiring world.”

“Let us pray to God to give us the most beautiful face of a oneness world family.”

“Let us pray to God to give us the most powerful heart of a Oneness World Home.”

“Let us pray to God to make us clearly see and soulfully feel that this world Peace Run is his own hearts inner choice and his own eye’s outer voice.”

Click to Play:


Arpan -1200628

Today the run will only go about 15 miles. As far as the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.


But in just a few days the real journey out and across America and Canada begins. It will only arrive back in New York in August.

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Peace Run Fishguard….March 16

The journey in Wales will become complete today.  Ireland now so close at hand patiently beckons.

final steps in wales-1200559

One last school, Goodwick community in Fishguard.

coming into-1200471

A picture outside the school with Head Teacher Mr. J Jones

in front of school-1200476

Coming inside


The story of the Peace Run explained to a new and eager audience


It is short sweet and powerful


It is something new but very familiar to all


Light fills the room


Soon it will be my turn


It begins with me


We can do it too.


Mayor Councillor Richard Grosvenor

balavan and mayor-1200551

It is not hard


We all need peace


We can learn so much from each other

boy good-1200537

So simple, so easy, so important


The light of the Peace Run has gone on now to another shore and another group of enthusiastic Peace Dreamers


But tonight the light still burns fresh and promising in all the hearts of those who eagerly turn their gaze toward all the endless tomorrows with more hope.

B and B-1200468

If you leave behind
Peace-fragrance on earth,
Rest assured the future world
Will be immensely benefited.


Peace Run St David’s….March 15

It is cool bright March morning.  All is still in the heart of the town of St. Davids.  The Norman cross has seen centuries of activity happening around and about.  Soon it will see witness something very different.


The Peace Run approaches with all its energy, joy, and of course peace.

runners approaching-1200408

A ceremony takes place beneath the ancient cross

canon torch square-1200412

Approaching the most hallowed St David’s Cathedral.

walking down to st davids-1200418

Group photo

group shot square-1200414

The sun splashes across the cool still interior


Canon Dorrien Davies

canon talking-1200419

“So coming here today is a very important part of your journey as you go around Wales.  It is a great pleasure to see you.”

“What you see here is Norman.  It was built in the Norman period, and the floor in which you stand is a difference between the great west door and the high alter of the cathedral of 3 meters, 14 1/2 feet.  So when the Dean and I have to walk up here, it is quite a strain.”

“The pillars have been here over 800 years, and this houses the remains of our patron saint.  Saint Patrick of Ireland came from this area.  So the Irish were blessed by the Christian traditions that Wales had to offer.  We have the patron saint of harpists buried here St. Caradoc.”


“But of course what this place has to offer is not what remains here, but what people take from here.  And that is the Christian message of love and hope and new beginnings.  Which is what you do also.  We live in a world that needs hope.  Which needs love and which most definitely needs new beginnings.  You are testifying to something which is not only universal in its spirit, but also God given.”

“So it is lovely to have you here.  It is a great privilege to each and every one of us to be able to welcome you.  I hope that when you go from here that one day you will return here as pilgrims.  And we will be able to welcome you again.”

Talk by the Reverend Canon Dorrien Davies:


devashishu taling-1200421

“I thought it would be very appropriate to come into this space, for we are at the very heart of the Cathedral now.  We restored the medieval shrine in 2012.  This has become really the focus for prayer.  As you probably appreciate, part of what we do here is to pray.  Each morning and each evening prayers are said in the cathedral.  In many ways it is very appropriate that we are gathered here today. We have had news that the Russians are pulling out of Syria.  Peace talks are in process all very exciting and very encouraging.”

“We have on average 300,000 visitors pass through here every year.  We hope that many of the people who come here will find peace in this place and take it away with them.  It is part of what we are about.  So it is quite an amazing place.”

dean devashishu church-1200441

“Pembrokeshire is an amazing place.  You have enjoyed the coastline it is fabulous.  Many people come to actually walk the coastline.  I think they find great solace in the scenery.  Pembrokeshire has a very strange pull on people.  Once you come here you always want to come back.  So I hope you all come back.  It has been a fantastic experience to have you here with us this morning.  We wish you every blessing as you along your way.  We will follow you with interest.”


“As you leave this place we pray for God’s blessing on you, as you take this message of peace around the world.  We pray for peace in our world.  For our world leaders, for this nation, for governments, for all who work for justice and peace.  So God’s blessing on you.”

Talk by the Dean of St David’s Cathedral the Very Reverend Jonathan Lean:


At the tomb of St David a candle is lit.

lighting candle-1200430

Placing it on the altar.

placing candle-1200431

Students of Ysgol Bro Dewi:

Kid Recorders


Two Sisters:

Kid sisters

sisters singing-1200427Leaving the church

devashishu coming out of church-1200434A school group approaches

kids and torch3-1200447

More get to hold the torch

kids and torch-1200443

The Dean sprints up the steps carrying the torch

dean running stairs2-1200438Final good byes

charana dean canon-1200448

You cannot have a peace-future
If you are afraid of loving
Your present life
The way God Himself loves you.

Peace Run Camarthen….March 14

The Peace Run approaches Camarthen city hall

approaching city hall-1200264

On the steps.

city hall-1200267

Daffodils are growing everywhere

church tower-1200270

At Ysgol Y Dderwen School

yard 2-1200276

Having a funny moment

devashishu laughin-1200310

Touching the torch


Enjoying the Peace Run

kids 2-1200319

Holding the torch

kids 3-1200323

Never to forget


Each will take their turn

torch rasmivan-1200300

New horizons


Learning about the world

kids 4-1200332

Its your turn


Always something new to learn and enjoy

yard balavan-1200278

Through joy it is so much easier to learn

kids 5-1200334

Making new friends

kids 7-1200341

High 5

kids 9-1200354

Time to go inside

kids 8-1200349Mayor Councillor Barry Williams

mayor and devashishu-1200381

Time to feel peace

inside kids3-1200366

Headteacher Mr. Dylan Evans speaks to his students.


On behalf of the school he receives the Peace Run certificate


Devashishu teaches the Peace Run song

inside devasishishu-1200378

“So remember.  We are running around the world altogether.

Peace Run Song:


inside kids4-1200373

The choir sings


Click to Play Singers:

kids choir

What does peace look like

inside kids2-1200365

“I am Steven Thomas and I am a long time supporter of the Peace Run.”

“It is an outreach of what I have been involved with for many years.  I was based at the Temple of Peace in Cardiff for about 15 years.  We also welcomed the Peace Run on a number of occasions.”

“Our work was partly educational, be that with young people in Wales or with adults on some of the big issues of the day.  Partly campaigning on Peace related issues and human rights issues.  But often it was political almost diplomatic.  It was therefore a pleasure to have a slightly different approach.  One which, for many of the people involved in the Peace Run comes from a spiritual source.  To referring to some of the same issues from a different angle.”

“That is why it was useful to be involved and support it in different ways.

Steven Thomas on right. Inauguration of Peace Statue 2012

About the Peace Run….”It will be memorable for certain individuals.  I would compare it with things we used to do at the Temple of Peace with schools.  Which were more perhaps cerebral.  We would get older children to take part in model United Nations meetings where they would represent countries.  That I could see could appeal to slightly more academic children.”

“This approach will have sparked something and will be a clear memory for a certain cross section of the children.  Some of them will remember this clearly.  It will be an inspiration if even a thought provoking moment.  Which they will be able to build upon in the future.”

Hope For the Future…. “I do, partly because we are still here in 2016, despite the excesses and the terrible things that have happened in the past. Also because the Sri Chinmoy Peace Run and other institutions that I have been involved with.   International aid organizations, the Temple of Peace in Wales, are still there as a bedrock.  Sometimes an alternative to what some of the bigger world powers are doing.”

“In many ways we represent the majority, in our beliefs, and our hopes for the future.  So you are right.  I am not overly pessimistic about things.  They will continue.”

Click to Play Interview with Steven Thomas:

Steven Thomas

Peace is the heart of my future
And not the mind of my past.

Peace Run Laugharne….March 13

The Peace Run arrived in Laugharne.  Once the home of well loved Welsh Poet Dylan Thomas

In-front-of-officeJanaka Spence, a Scottish Writer spoke about Dylan Thomas

“I am absolutely thrilled and delighted to be taking part.”

“Yesterday I bought the Guardian Newspaper, which I only buy on a Saturday to read the book pages.  They had a feature on how different people dealt with death.”

“The headline on the front page was, do not go gentle.  Anyone who has read Dylan Thomas would be able to finish the line.   Do not go gentle into that good night.”


“How many poets, living or dead are that you could give half a line and reading public would be able to complete that line.  His poetry had that wonderful incantatoray quality to it.  I discovered his work when I was 17 or 18.  We are talking 50 years ago.  I was a young man in Glasgow reading a lot.  I discovered this incredible work.  It was like nothing that I had ever read before.”

“I didn’t understand half of it.  But that didn’t matter.  He called his poetry ferocious and un-understandable.”

“Sri Chinmoy the inspiration behind the Peace Run he once wrote.”

You do not have to understand; just believe. You do not have to believe; just keep your eyes wide open.

Sri Chinmoy, To-morrow’s dawn, Agni Press, 1982


“Dylan Thomas opened my eyes with the glory of language.  He inspired me to become a writer.  Sri Chinmoy was a great admirer of his work.  There are a few poets that he said a a psychic quality.  A kind of mystical quality to their work.”

“He talked about Keats in that respect, Emily Dickinson, and Dylan Thomas.  He also said that Dylan was much misunderstood.  But he recognized the psychic quality in his works.  The word that springs to mind that Sri Chinmoy would use about that quality is mantric.  It invokes the qualities that it is describing.”

“He invested language with that incredible spiritual power.  That is why people are still reading him all these years after his passing.”


“The town sang and danced, as though it were right and proper as the rainbow or the rare sun to celebrate the old bright turning earth and its bullied people. Are you surprised that people still can dance and sing in a world on its head? The only surprising thing about miracles, however small, is that they sometimes happen.”
– Dylan Thomas, from On the Air with Dylan Thomas: The Broadcasts

“I think today has been something of a miracle.  From start to finish.”

“Thank you all for welcoming the Peace Run.  It is a great and very special honor to be here.”….Janaka Spence

Click to Play:

Janaka Laugharne


Click to Play Corran singers:

Women’s Choir Carmarthen

“I’d love to welcome you to Laugharne.  We know it is the first time that you have been here, and you are more than welcome.  We are incredibly proud of the beauty of the countryside and our streetscapes.   The fabulous buildings and everything else.  This building I have a particular pride in as this corporation has been here uninterrupted for over 700 years.  It predates parliament.”

“I am not sure that is a good thing at all.  It is a quirky little town.  It has always been full of characters.  We are the only corporation to survive in the UK.  I think it was the quirkiness and the beauty that inspired Dylan.  He was certainly happier here than he was anyplace else.”


“He is one of our most famous modern Welsh writers.  We have of course much more ancient writers.Who were probably writing about the time that the corporation began.  Who are equally famed in their own way.”…The Portreeve


“On your journey you pass around this flaming torch.  You offer an opportunity for so many people to make a personal wish for peace.  Today you offer us that same opportunity.  In doing so.  You invite us to be part of your achievement.  to feel your joy and triumph in not only conquering the great distances in life but also the personal and practical difficulties of the journey.”

“You seem to me to be present a fine coming together of discipline and enthusiasm.  So I would like to welcome you all.”….Mayor

“In this tranquil landscape where the peace is only broken when England beat Wales in rugby.  We see the awfulness of conflict and war in a somewhat disconnected way.  In edited television reports and the newspapers.

“We can only imagine the anguish of displaced people who have lost their homes, their countries, and often their families.  While the great world powers stand by seemingly impotent.”


“The peace torch you bring today, may have been held by great leaders but it also has been held by millions of ordinary people.  People of peace and good will everywhere will appreciate your efforts.  Meeting you is a reminder to all of us who have chosen to serve our community, that we can call on an inner strength to help us put and get things right.  We can remember this flame, and when we do we will be reminding ourselves, that yes.  Peace really does start with me.  So on behalf of the County Council, Laughrne corporation, and Laughrne township community council.  We wish you every success on your onward journey.”

“We hope the beauty of Laughrne and Wales and the warmth of the welcome will stay with you.  Thank you and best wishes and good luck”….Councillor Jane Tremlett

Click to Play Speeches:



The view besides Dylan Thomas’s writing shed.


The door is open

insideThe desk


The tide is coming in.


French students suddenly appear

FrenchLaundry on a line.
Estuary3On to the Boathouse, once home to Dylan Thomas


Time for tea


Hannah Ellis, The granddaughter of Dylan Tomas is there to greet the runners.  She shows Janaka where her Mothers ashes have been scattered.  They talk about her Grandfather and his work

janaka2 A bench in the back garden welcomes all to come and take a welcome rest to all.


The funny this is, I find myself Going back again and again.


One more song from the Corran Singers:

Womens Choir Carmarthen 2

When my heart,
My heart’s eagerness
And I
Run fast along
The road of life,
Peace proudly runs with us.

Peace Run Welsh Botanical Gardens…. March 13

“We started 2 weeks ago in Porto Portugal and we will run through every European country over an 8 month period.  We will finish in Rome on October 8th.  The run was started by an Indian gentleman, Sri Chinmoy in 1987.  He loved sports and he loved running.  But most of all he loved peace.”

arrival peace run-1200039

“He dedicated his life to helping people to find real happiness, real strength, and real peace.  In their own lives and in their own communities.  So that in the world we could establish a real peace, something lasting something real, something significant.”


“As a runner he enjoyed the endeavor of pushing beyond your limits.  He started in 1987 this world wide peace run.  So a runner runs with this torch and as they run around Europe and the rest of the world people are welcome to join in.  Run a few meters, run a few miles, to hold the torch and offer a few prayers, a message of peace to the world. Now hundreds of thousands of people around the world have held the torch.”


“As we run around the world we do stop every now and then to establish monuments or sites, special places that dedicate themselves to Peace.  We are really grateful to be here in this wonderful botanical garden.  Where today there will be a monument unveiled.  That will stand here as a testimony to the people of Carmarthen and Wales, and their commitment to peace in our world.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 12.43.57 PM

“As we run around the world.  We realize that 99.9% of the people we meet want peace, and want a world of harmony, friendship and kindness.  It is initiatives like this that really give that aspiration some voice and strength.  We hear all about the negative things on the news.  But there are a lot of people doing good work.  Positive work in the world.  We are trying to connect all those people, and really underline that positive message.”….Devashishu Torpy

Chairman of Carmarthenshire County Council, Cllr Peter Hughes Griffiths

Mayor and torch-1200045

“It is 4 years almost to the day since we dedicated a similar statue in Cardiff.  On that occasion also the sun peaked out at the right moment.  Congratulations to the organizers for orchestrating that.  On that occasion I read a passage from Dylan Thomas.  I make no apologies for repeating it.  It is glorious.  It talks about peace as something wonderful and celebratory.  Even in a world turned on its head, people can still sing and dance and celebrate peace.”


“The most astonishing thing about miracles is that they sometimes actually happen.  Today has felt like something like a miracle.  The combined energies of this beautiful place and the Peace Run coming in.  Sri Chinmoy himself talked about peace as something inner and outer.”

“He said that at the heart of peace there had to be dynamic action and at the heart of action there had to be the stillness of peace.  I think that is what we feel here in this astonishing location.”


“Sri Chinmoy often talked about the heart garden, that we all feel deep inside ourselves.  That in itself relates to the wider world.  And feels as though this place is the breathing heart of Wales itself.  It feels like the living heart of the country.  It is such a powerful peaceful energy.  And to feel that extends itself to the rest of Wales, to the rest of the world.  I think that is what a dedication like this is all about.:

“The statue when you see it embodies those qualities of inner and outer.  The figure itself is very still.  There is an intensity and there is a peacefulness from it.  And yet it is holding this very powerful symbol the peace torch.”….Janaka Spence

O dreamers of peace, come.
Let us walk together.
O lovers of peace, come,
Let us run together.
O servers of peace, come.
Let us grow together.

Sri Chinmoy, No unreachable goal, Agni Press, 1994

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Devashishu speech


“Thank you all very much for coming here today.  It struck me that the service that a place like this does is really remarkable.  People can come here and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.  The beauty that we have inside ourselves we find reflected in nature.  The beautiful qualities that each of us has.  Love, peace, joy, and happiness.  These are qualities that unite us all.  The underlining qualities that unite all of humanity.”

“They find life they find nurturing in a place like this, an oasis of nature.”


“It is only fitting that a statue such as this can find a home here.  Were people can come and enjoy a moment of peace.  Peace is something that we all have within ourselves.  In our daily lives sometimes it gets lost, in the hustle and bustle of life.  Find the silence that resides inside ourselves and then take that from a place like this and take it into the world.  We will be better people for it.”

“The statue has a torch which people can hold and make a prayer for peace.  So on behalf of the Oneness-Home-World Peace Run I am honored and delighted to present this statue.”…Salil Wilson


“Lord Elis-Thomas is a great supporter of the Peace Run is here to unveil the statue.  He has been associated with the run on a number of occasions when it has come through Wales.  Would you like to say a few words before the unveiling.”…Steven Thomas

“I was delighted when I was invited to do this.  Partly because I was born up the road.  In what is now a supermarket.  It wasn’t then.”


“My grandfather, it comes to my mind today.  Carmthenshire was full of militant pacifists. Of which my grandfather was the most militant.  I can describe the sort of things that he did to empathize his pacifism.  Including marching up to the nearest top of  a hill.  He would march up on every armistice day not to be near anything that symbolized war.  Now I am not a militant pacifist, but I am very much someone who believes that it is important to remember the mistakes that we have made so that we don’t make them again.  It doesn’t seem to work very well.”

“To be here in this spot.  Is to be at peace.”…Lord Elis-Thomas

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Steven Thomas Intro


A special moment


Some regular visitors to the park


Heading to the start of the race


Runners in the morning race


Different kinds of flowers bloom today.


Harp music fills the air courtesy of Udasina




Another flower


Alone against the hill

sculpture on hill-1200010-2

Very fast


Encouraging everybody


Maybe next year


Not too slow


A flower family

Sanjaya and his little flower-1200034

The park early morning


Worlds coming together

Spences and Trees-1200037

“Even though the statue has come from the same mold and the same place.  The cast can be slightly different because things happen.  In the construction little changes are made.  I do modify the wax before it is cast.  Without reference to anything else.”

“But I think most of all is the context.  The place, the people, those who arrange for the statue and the other people involved make a complete difference.  I realize that by talking to people and asking what they think that people all have such a different appreciation.  The appreciation is not about the physical object, but the whole experience.  The emotional experience, the spiritual experience, and the mental experience.  Everybody is different.”


“It all comes over differently and I am totally and utterly amazed how the statue appears in different context.  I put it down to the fact that people affect how the statue appears to others.  But mostly on the spiritual level who appreciate it spiritually.  Sri Chinmoy embodies the statue and gives out a flavor that is appropriate to that time and place.  In this case here.  This statue has such sweetness and such a fineness.  Quite different to the statue in Cardiff, which is much more determined and powerful.”

“This one exudes sweetness just like the flowers in the garden.  It is so compelling I can believe how compelling.  I got the feeling even before I came here.  I saw it right from the beginning. In the foundry in Prague.  I am so delighted with the feeling.  Here it is intensified a 100 fold.”…..Kaivalya Torpy.

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“I think the location is brilliant. I was holding onto it and I couldn’t let it go.  I wanted to feel as though I held it as long as possible.”

“I love coming here as there is a great feeling about the place.  This statue adds a spiritual significance to the garden.”

“You have thousands of school kids coming.  Out of that something is created that is beyond the material.”…Lord Elis Thomas

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Lord Elis Thomas


Burry Port Male Choir:

Mens Choir 3


My heart knows
That it costs nothing
To be a dreamer and lover
Of peace.