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  • An Epic Journey….Performing the Sri Aurobindo Play…Installment 3

    A great swath of time has passed since the project first began.  A lot of time.  Yet as Kaivalya and his sons and a troop of male actors prepared for the 3rd installment of the Sri Aurobindo play the goal was now almost in sight.  Though at best current estimates the final piece of the […]

  • Jai Hind Part 2…..An Adaption of Descent of the Blue

    We don’t know exactly when this picture was taken but of course we know where.  Most likely it was taken shortly before Sri Chinmoy left Pondicherry to come to America in 1964.  In it we see a young man paying homage to his late spiritual teacher Sri Aurobindo.   With his head bowed and his […]

  • Jai Hind…..An Adaptation of ‘The Descent Of The Blue’

    What did you think of the show tonight? “I had very little expectations, because there were so many uncertainties, but it came off very well.”  Still wearing his wig of long flowing white hair Kaivalya answers me. Minutes earlier he and his 2 sons, along with a large cast had just taken their bows before […]