Month: August 2014

  • August 5: Something Beyond

    “It is a very very special morning.  This is the last morning of the race.” Jayasalini describes how now, with just 41 miles to go, she wants to absorb every last drop of the experience she has had these past 51 days.  “The fragrance of the course, the beauty of the course.  To be grateful, […]

  • August 4: Doing What We Love

    How Sarah feels about completing the race. Which will happen in just a couple of hours. “It is just absolute gratitude.  A runner’s life is up and down.  Success and failures and everything in between.  I think especially after last year definitely I value it.  But it is just such a team effort.  Because nothing […]

  • August 3: When The Time Is Right

    “Maybe I have hidden from some of my spirituality.  I think this race has allowed me the time to really focus on that and what it means.  Maybe recognize that I am not the greatest force in the universe.” Ray Krolewicz is unique in so many ways.  He is a perfect example of how one […]

  • August 2: Source Of Everything

    Stutisheel completed the 3100 mile race for the 8th time today. It is a statement that by itself tells quite a remarkable story about this extremely talented and dignified man from the Ukraine.  For so few have even come close to accomplishing what he has just done.  Stutisheel as a runner is as gifted, composed […]

  • August 1: I Will Be Happy

    Are you ahead of last year’s pace? “Not yet.” “I want to transcend myself, so I have to run a little bit faster.” He has just 23 miles to run on this his last day of the race.  Vasu says he is doing this, because that is the name of the race, Self-Transcendence. “If the […]