Month: July 2017

  • Day 34…Inner Experiences (July 21)

    This morning I asked Yuri if he wouldn’t mind being interviewed once again.  He immediately and happily agreed.  He is one of those rare kind of people who seems constantly willing and selfless, no matter what is asked of them.  He is a personality of such rare sweetness and delicacy but at the same time […]

  • Day 33…Enjoy Life More (July 20)

    In the last 32 days I have never heard him complain or say one negative word.  He has never demonstrated or showed any misgivings.  Neither have I seen him taking a break longer than a few minutes.  In fact Ananda-Lahari is almost perpetual motion itself.  Though his speed may vary in comparison to the other […]

  • Day 32…Move Forward (July 19)

    Nidhruvi has completed 1605 miles over the past month running around Thomas Edison High school.  That is 2926 circuits on the hardest concrete sidewalk in Queens, and you don’t have to look very closely to see that it isn’t exactly flat either. She has faced adversity in this race such that she has never encountered […]

  • Day 31…What We Can Accomplish Is Limitless (July 18)

    There has to be something fundamentally optimistic built into Yolanda’s DNA.  Or it may just be that she has an amazing sense of determination or it just comes down to good old fashioned heart power. 2 days ago she, like several other runners were having some pretty serious stomach and digestive problems.  She was only […]

  • Day 30…Still Learning (July 17 )

    Last night after running here every day for 4 weeks and a day Andrey Andreev went home having completed 1600 miles.  A not insignificant number and one which is about 1000 miles further than he has ever run before. With 3 weeks and a day left to continue his task he will run many more […]

  • Day 29…A Rainbow Opportunity (July 16 )

    The conversation I had yesterday with Sergey has continued to touch and inspire me in ways that I had not predicted.  Some others have mentioned to me as well that Sergey’s heart felt clarity and genuine appreciation for his little running family has inspired them as well.  I am not surprised. We know of course […]

  • Day 28…Every Day Learn Something New (July 15)

    Late this morning Sergey will reach the half way point in the 3100 mile race.  It is a tremendous achievement and were it not for the fact that he is about 2 days behind schedule we would all look at this moment with perhaps more joy than a lingering sense of regret for him (which […]

  • Day 27…Flow Of Grace (July 14)

    “It was something really significant.”  Harita tells me about making the half way point last night around 10 pm. Just by itself it is of course a great achievement for her.  The distance of 1550 miles representing a total nearly 3 times further than she has ever run before. But time and making laps are […]

  • Day 26…Go Beyond (July 13)

    Today is one in which the race math becomes strikingly clear.  At precisely midnight the race will be half over and if a runner does not have 1550 miles on the board when they drag themselves into the back seat of a car or wearily peddle home through the dark Queens streets.   Their chances […]

  • Day 25…A Miracle Happened (July 12)

    When it is possible to someone gather your thoughts about the 3100 Mile race, there is very little of it all that even sounds conceivable or even possible.  Just to assemble a group of runners willing to dedicated their lives for such a long time over such an incredible distance seems farfetched and yet it […]