Month: August 2018

  • Day 52… Closer To My Source (August 7)

    “I am happy,” Kaneenika tells me this morning. It is hard to imagine that it is even remotely possible for Kaneenika to be happy and yet she is.  She starts once again another hot and brutal day pounding along a Queens NYC sidewalk with 59 hard miles still ahead of her.  Yet in the whispering […]

  • Day 51… You Have To Believe (August 6)

    “It’s coming close to the end.”  I don’t think I have ever seen Sopan this happy in the past 51 days.  This morning however he has a great reason to be having such joy that it can bring additional light up into the sky.  He is just a few laps away from 3,000 miles and […]

  • Ushika’s Finish

    A great finish People came For some their time comes soon Singers practiced Sri Chinmoy’s Austria song The Board is changed

  • Day 50… Took The Challenge (August 5)

    “I am happy of course that soon it will be over.  This last week is so long. It feels like it will never end.” On this the 50th day of the race Surasa is 157 miles from the finish line and has a full three days in which to do it.  But unfortunately the weather […]

  • Day 49… To Describe God (August 4)

    The worlds beyond the worlds we see.   Today while closely watching Ushika before we were to do our interview, it occurred to me just how impossible it is to understand what the runners are really experiencing.  You can probe with questions, you can try and empathize.  Yet no matter how far the wings of your […]

  • Day 48… In God’s Hands (August 3)

    “I knew that I was hopefully going to finish, but as Kobi said in his speech yesterday, until the last few days he didn’t really know for sure that he was going to finish.  That was really the same for me as well.” As the race presses into its final days I wanted to give […]

  • Day 47… Experience Every Moment (August 2)

    “I think that in the beginning of the race I tried to do what I do best and that was to win this race.  When I came to realize that I could win the race but in doing so I would lose the experience.  I decided then that I needed to finish the race.  Then […]

  • Day 46… August 1

    Day 46 Camp Early The Board…Magic Number is 2682 Kobi in a playful mood Rupantar taking down Vasu’s predicted finish Surasa arrives Pouring cups

  • Vasu’s Finish

    Just after 10pm Vasu became the champion of this years Sri Chinmoy Self Transcendence 3100 Mile Race He had one last long day of running The course becomes a busy place most nights Kobi’s team is just waiting until Thursday morning for his finish Gradually well wishers started to arrive The little things still had […]