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  • Yolanda’s Finish…51 Days 17 Hours

    Yolanda’s Finish Video Final Laps Empty chair Smile Baby Smile Nirbhasa getting a foot massage from his sister “We can’t wait” At long last The smile Victory Daughter Tiffany World Record Presentation Trophy World class supporters Cathy Troisi and Kent Moore Eddie and Valerie The 10 Magnificent Runners

  • Harita’s Finish…51 Days 12 Hours 48 Minutes

    Balloons Yolanda Dear Friends of Yolanda Pipasa Last Lap Finish At Last to sit Dad Feet Singers My Own Gratitude Heart A great story

  • Day 52…My Inspiration (August 8)

    Her story is a miraculous one.  Late in the race reaching the finish line for Yolanda seemed it would be an impossible task.  One, that up until not too long ago,  was receding further and further beyond her grasp. Yet today, on Day 52 it is just 60 miles away.  Something, that as she confidently […]

  • Day 51…The Race Of Life (August 7)

    “I guess I am starting to.” This is how Harita answered my question about whether or not she can now see the finish line.  It is now day 51 and Harita has just 108 miles more to run.  When she soon reaches 3000 miles she will be on what Suprabha once called, the bell lap. […]

  • Nirbhasa’s Finish 48 Days 16 hours 47 Minutes

    The wait Running with Mom The waiting cake

  • Kaneenika’s World Record Finish 48 Days 14 hours 24 minutes

    Balloons Waiting crowd Sign Nearly there

  • Day 50 Nirbhasa…Just An Experience (August 6)

    *Video recorded yesterday…..finish to follow soon* Yesterday morning I spoke with Nirbhasa as he was completing his final 59 miles.  I joke when I ask if he is thinking about a good nights rest.  “I am not really thinking about that right now.” “In one way today is just the same as every other day.  […]

  • Day 49 Kaneenika….Coming From Inside (August 5)

    The day started with torrential rain and then nature performed one of its little surprises and the day, quite dramatically became gorgeous.  Giving Kaneenika, who is finishing her long long race tonight a beautiful blessing.  One that all those champions still left here running can appreciate and benefit from. *photo by Jowan* She starts day […]

  • Day 48…Victory Supreme (August 4)

    Last night Vasu was into his final laps before completing the Self-Transcendence 3100 race for the 6th time.  He was into the very depths of his 47th day here.  His shirt was covered in sweat and he needed to make 67 miles before midnight. As he passes by me along the dark sidewalk a student […]

  • Day 47…I Am Really Happy (August 3)

    Yesterday Ananda-Lahari ran 84 miles.  A number that represents about double what he has been doing most days.  Today he is moving less quickly but the ever present smile brightens his face and as I join him I feel my own smile brightening as well. Today he says, “is a very good day.  Yesterday I […]