Category: 3100 Mile Race 2011

  • August 4: Fulfill A Dream of the Soul

    They assemble on the starting line one last time.  Now there are but 3 champions left on this hard but sacred ground.  They have covered many thousands of miles these past 53 days.  Yet they remain in the exact same spot as where they began.  An irony most certainly not lost on those who seek […]

  • August 3: My Soul Was Pleased

    Early this morning a young runner got up and set off for a training run with a special lightness in their step and a sense of eager anticipation in their heart.  They left before the day became heavy from the sun”s heat.  They found cool satisfying steps that led down a familiar country lane, or […]

  • August 2: Then I Knew I Was Going To Make It

    There is some strong anecdotal evidence that suggests that at one time there was a sect of Buddhist monks in Tibet called the Lung-go-pa.   Theirs was a life of absolute austerity and spiritual discipline.  By practicing meditation and pranic breathing exercises they were able to perform incredible feats.  It is said they could run […]

  • August 1: Inner Fulfillment

    A little more than a year ago scientific researchers finally calculated just which bird had the longest yearly migration route.  Prior to then their instruments were just too cumbersome for some species to wear and thus make their calculations.  The winner of this dubious distinction is a very small 4 oz bird called the arctic […]

  • July 31: To Make Progress

    Perhaps if one had the ability to truly  listen then you could always somehow hear the sands of time as they slipped away forever.   But how does one soberly comprehend this, when you are caught up in those precious moments of glorious celebration, such as when the race began here 50 days ago. Each day […]

  • July 30: The Way To The Goal

    At the end of its life the Phoenix bird would go to its nest, and once there, be consumed by flames.  It is a mythological bird and its story seems to exist in many cultures with some variations. What is similar throughout all the variations of the tale is how, once it is reduced to […]

  • July 29: Another Dream Complete

    In most team sports whenever  a player is injured or not doing well they can be benched or substituted with someone faster or stronger or simply better suited to face the game conditions.  But in individual competition taking a break for long is never an option or a solution. For individual runners who are competing […]

  • July 28: What You Are Meant To Do

    One more runner will complete the 3100 today.  Unlike the previous 2 finishers who were first timers, Ashprihanal has crossed the line before.  Today in fact he will complete his 11th self transcendence race.  Not one for overstatement or bravado of any sort he says this morning simply, “I am very happy, very glad.  One […]

  • July 27: Comes From Within

    This morning Igor makes a small joke with Sarvagata.   This marvelous young runner, from Vinnitsa Ukraine, is is looking at the daily lap sheet report and points out to his friend, “you only made 99 laps yesterday.” It is just part and parcel of the quiet and gentle humor that is Igor.  Sarvagata of course […]

  • July 26: Gift From Heaven

    Sarvagata’s sister, Sarvadhara is with her brother on this his final few hours here at the race.  This morning he will simply continue to do what he has done now for so many long days.  At the end of this day though, he needs go no further, and what is more, he will also be […]