Category: 6 & 10 Day Race 2017

  • April 27….Finish (Always Something New)

    Bugjargal won the 10 day race today with 739 miles.  He placed with the second place finisher Igor, who completed 713 miles at the finish line. Jesper came in 3rd with 627 miles.  He says he trained very hard for this race, but unlike many other times he has run he suffered from many ailments.  […]

  • April 26….Day 10 (Each Man Is A Miracle of Miracles)

    “I guess I am happy.”  One can’t blame Ashirvad if he is a little uncertain of his feelings.  This is his first 6 day race and over the course of the past 5 days he has run 212 miles. “It is a great opportunity to be here.  Everything is perfect.”  When asked what got him […]

  • April 25….Day 9 (Going to the Source)

    Mark Dorion is telling me a story from the night before.  Andrei Somov had asked him deep into the night what he got out of running the race. “I have had very many highs and very many lows this past week.  I am trying to be steady but that is just how life sometimes confronts […]

  • April 24….Day 8 (Keep Moving)

    “If I stop for too long my feet hurt.” I joke that means she needs to keep moving for the next 3 days. Kim Allan has been leading the women’s 6 day race from the start.  “It is a good thing it means you can’t muck around.  At the end of 72 hours she has […]

  • Day 7 (Late Night)

    Still moving Nipura in kitchen food all night long Jiri *Please Click the Read More Button  Below to see rest of Post*

  • April 23….Day 7 (Stay Inside Your Heart)

    “I like to challenge myself.” This is the 4th time Budjargal Byambaa has come to the race and so far he has run spectacularly and consistently over the past 6 days. He has 456 miles and leads the 10 day field by 21 miles.  When I ask him why he is running so much better […]

  • April 22….Day 6 (A Vision of a Oneness-Family)

    “Its been a roller coaster of emotions and feelings.  I feel great some times and then in the next lap I can feel that I am down in the gutter.” 48 year old Todd McAuley is running in his first 6 day race.  He has participated in many endurance events over his many years of […]

  • April 21….Day 5 (Time to be Really Happy is Now)

    “I like pain.”  Quote from Shirley Kolakovich a short time before the start of the 6 day race.  (Just Kidding) “They do a really good job at this race.  The aid stations are great usually the weather is nice.  We’ll see the last 4 days the weather is going to be in the 70’s F.” […]

  • April 20….Day 4 ( My Highest Goal )

    (Interviews with Patanga Cordeiro DaSilva, Michel Guoin, AnnaKimchinskaia) The board after 72 hours “The race is beautiful.  I am slow but I am happy.”  Patanga has completed 140 miles over 3 days.  This is his 5th year. “The first day I thought.  I am never going to do this again.  Then just a little bit […]

  • April 19….Day 3 (Nothing To Lose)

    The first 48 hours have passed “Its going great….beautiful Canadian weather.”  Last year Richard came for the first time and ran the 6 day race.  At the end of 48 hours he has made 100 miles He jokes, “this is kind of balmy for Canada….you know that.” “I actually feel very lucky and blessed.  That […]