Month: June 2019

  • Day 15… Highest Self-Transcendence-Height (June 30)

    Shin splints are an insidious ailment that have reeked misery and havoc on ultra runners quite possibly from the time early man tried to see just how far he could.   Ushika is deep into his 4th day of continual pain in his lower legs and though his mileage has suffered he has somehow allowed the […]

  • Day 14… Perfection’s Gate (June 29)

    “It is so relaxing, I don’t have to worry about anything.  It is a different experience, but I am grateful for the experience.  I think any part you take in this race is a very blessingful experience.” Kaneenika has come to the race this morning as she has for the past 2 weeks to fully […]

  • Day 13… To Believe (June 28)

    “I am feeling very good and yesterday was a recharging day.”  Smarana is having a great race and he went home last night after having completed 763 miles over 12 days. Most of us have a very casual and innocent idea about recharging.  It might include sleeping in, going to the beach, or meeting friends […]

  • Day 12… The Inner Journey (June 27)

    It is possible to imagine that if Todor’s current life was edited down to something simpler and shorter you could easily picture that he had already achieved a great victory.  That in his 11 days of running here he has gone farther and longer than he has ever run before. But of course this mini […]

  • Day 11… Your Destined Goal (June 26)

    Ray Krolewicz has been visiting the race, on and off for the past few days.  His presence here comes directly out of his boundless enthusiasm for distance running and in no small way as well, his affection and love for the  3100 mile race itself. Though he entered the race only once, in 2014, his […]

  • Day 10… Upon The Summit (June 25 )

    “A few things have to come together.”  This is Nirbhasa’s 3rd time at the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile race and with each entrance he has improved his performance.  As for which years that he able to take part, basically the ducks have to line up in his very demanding outer life to make it […]

  • Day 9… Honestly Happy (June 24)

    All the runners who come to run the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race have to have exceptional capacities and skills.  It is a super-humanly difficult and challenging physical ordeal but as well there is an exceptional battle to be endured here mentally.  If there is anyone who seems to have the exceptional ability to confront the […]

  • Day 8… Work Of A Lifetime (June 23 )

    If there ever was a time that was most spectacular and thrilling to watch the 3100 mile race it would have to been 2015 when Ashprihanal set the current record for the race.  He broke the old mark by nearly a day but what I cannot help but remember from that summer is that over […]

  • Day 7… A Sunlit Path (June 22)

    I found a picture recently of Ananda-Lahari taken at his 2nd 3100 mile race 14 years ago.  It strikes me that in so many ways, to at least my mind’s eye, that he has remarkably changed so little visibly. He continues to appear youthful and his temperament is still sweet, light, cheerful, and kind. My […]

  • Day 6… Impossibility Always Bows (June 21)

    In the last 7 years Vasu has run approximately 21,700 miles around the same Self-Transcendence block.   Considering that he is well on track to completing the 3100 mile distance once again, it will mean that by August this year he will have run a distance that equals the circumference of the earth, 24,901 miles. Photo […]