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  1. Hi Utpal,
    thanks for the great work you have done in reporting from the 6 and 10 day race, it felt close to being there reading your post and listening to the Interviews. Uforunatley I cannot play the videos I only hear the sound. I use the latest Safari on a mac and I dont know what the problem is. Hopefully I will find out.
    Thanks again

  2. HUGE thanks for the daily updates on the races. I wanted to be there but it didn’t work out this year. Your blog is the next best thing. I looked forward to each entry!

  3. Dear Utpal,

    It’s amazing how inspiring your race coverage is, even for a non-runner. Keep up with the brilliant interviews and comments, the are appreciated throughout the world.

    Kedar, Zurich

  4. A correction to your post about William Sichel.
    2012 was not his first trip to the US.
    He competed at Across The Years races in 2004 (and others).
    Thank You
    PS I’m hoping to make it up to NYC to visit the 3100 in support of Ray next week.

  5. Utpal

    Thank you so much for your daily coverage of the race.
    I look forward to each days updates and photos!! Again THANK YOU!
    So Inspiring!
    Peace and Happiness
    Tacoma,Wa. USA

  6. HELLO fae cool SCOTLAND.

  7. Hi Utpal. Thank you so much for your great little video clips, they are giving all of us who don’t have the opportunity to be in NY for the 3100 mile race a chance to be part of it. We eagerly wait each day for the latest clip by Rupantar and you. Thanks a million, and keep up the good inspiring work.

  8. Hi, Utpal. You may want to write about a book recently published (free) about an inner connection with Guru:

    “Halifax, Nova Scotia author and resident, Jacob C. Miller, has published The Struggle Within (Part 1: The Burn), a book about Miller’s years of experience of an inner communication with spiritual Master, Sri Chinmoy, both before and after Sri Chinmoy’s passing. Throughout the story, which is part memoir but mostly journal format, Sri Chinmoy systematically reveals himself by way of his spiritual capacity and inner connection with Miller sparking a renewed inspiration and faith in God for the reader.”

  9. Dear Utpal,
    Your videos are exceptional in their clarity and content. They are a meditation in themselves. I also what to thank you for the beautiful music accompanying the stories. Is their a list of the music titles? All gratitude to you for these timeless videos they are inspiring us all. Thank you, Archee

  10. Thank you for your soulful tribute to Sundar. However, please correct Guru’s name in photo caption.
    Respectfully, Sunamita

    The following is a quote from a story written by Sri **Chimney** after a half marathon race was held in June of 1983

    “At the finish line I was sitting in the car. Sundar came up and told me of his deplorable performance with such sincerity and soulfulness. There was no false modesty — only sincerity and soulfulness. I was so proud of him. How I wish all the disciples, when they don’t do well, would maintain this kind of cheerful and soulful consciousness!”

    Sri Chinmoy, Run and become, become and run, part 14, Agni Press, 1985

  11. Amazing work Utpal! You’ve been doing this for so many years and you continue to do it! The quality of your finished product has only improved over time as well. Between your daily videos and written articles, there is nothing to add or delete. It’s perfect and whole exactly as it is. Your videos really capture the tone and vibe of the event in an almost intangible fashion.

    I am refreshing your blog daily, eagerly awaiting for the next entry, which I share, along with the video, to a group of nearly 600 people.

    Everyone is so grateful for the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of your efforts. Gratitude and thank you.

  12. My roommate Sutapa and I watch every day , I never miss one clip. Can’t thank you enough for this coverage. I’ve cried, laughed, been inspired and just been so grateful to be able to be at the race every single day because of PERFECTION JOURNEY . Thank you Utpal!

    From Pushpa rani in Canada

  13. Thank you so much for your videos. I love watching them every year. They are my way to connect to the race.

    It becomes such a part of my life for 2 months, and always fills me with joy and a bit of sadness when it all ends.

    Thanks again and see you next year!

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