Day 51: Quality Of Gratitude

“Lots of ups and downs.  Lots of challenges.  There continues to be lots of challenges.  I know I always look as if everything is great.”

“There is always physical things that happen.  Up until the very end I just pray for protection, and I pray to be taken care of.  That I can reach the goal.”

“I feel it is very important for me to feel the quality of gratitude. Because this is all God’s grace.  It is important to really feel that, and to make it a reality.”

Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo

“In this race you couldn’t run more than a day by yourself.  I have had help from so many people, in so many different ways.”  Harita describes her support as coming from around the world.

“Sending me messages of encouragement.   Praying for me.”

“Then I have my main helpers.  Who have been really incredible and come from many different countries to help me.  For the way I do the race this kind of help is so important.  To have a team.”

“Then there are all the people who are out here.  Running,  counting, being a  part of it and coming out to support it.  To me that is what really makes the race.”

Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo

“It’s so important and so inspiring.  It’s really what keeps me going.  When I look back over the days and weeks. There are so many who come out and get inspiration.  It gives me so much joy.  So much fulfillment and satisfaction .  The goal is for a oneness world family.”

“If we can create that in this little place here then you can have hope for the whole world.”

“It is an opportunity for me to be the best that I can be.  To push beyond my boundaries. To focus more on my spirituality.  To make the theory a reality.”

Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo

“We all know the theory of spirituality.  The theory of a oneness world family.  We know all the qualities you need to be a really good person but until put yourself through really challenging times.  Then you can’t make the theory a reality.”

“To practice being an instrument of God.  By going through challenging times draw on the divinity within myself.”

Harita describes how the race allows everyone to be part of it however much they want.  What ever portion of their hearts they put into it they will get back

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Day 50: Help Each Other

“I didn’t realize how hard the race would be.  Not just for the runners but also all the workers.”

I am going to be the 50th person to to complete the race but I didn’t realize just how many people behind the scenes working together to put the race on. I want people to know about this race, and how many people it took to put it all together.”

Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo

“The support of the Taiwanese community helped me a lot.  I realized that even though the race is called self-transcendence, but it cannot happen without the collaboration of a lot of people helping each other.  Now I feel I know more of the wisdom behind it.  It is only because of team work and people working together.”

Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo

“I am just a small person.  But the impact of my achievement that I have had on people is beyond my imagination.  I feel more people need to know about the race.”

“I never met Sri Chinmoy, but I feel that when he created this race he must have had some thought behind it.”

Wei Ming feels touched and inspired by the meaning of Self-transcendence the very meaning of the race and what he accomplished here in 48 days, 11 hours, 52 minutes setting a standard for all of Asia and older runners everywhere.

Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo

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Day 49: Inner Feeling

“Probably to do something that is long and is good you need to love it.  I just love this race.  For me it has an intensity and many other things that I don’t go through in my day to day ordinary life.”

“I come here for self-transcendence.  For a feeling of oneness.  To see and be with the best people on earth.  To experience closeness to God.  So the race is a magnet.  I just can’t resist.”

Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo

“As time passes and you look back all your trophies and medals and rankings they all just fade away.  What remains is your experience and your discoveries.  What remains is the inner feeling.”

Stutisheel says that all the tough experiences that happen at the race fade into the background.  “The hardship all the tough days, you can’t remember.”

“You just remember being full of energy.  Flying around the course.  You remember sunny weather and a big positive drive and that is the main reason why I keep coming back.”

Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo

This is his 13th appearance at the race and says each one offers him unique experiences.  “The numbers don’t mean anything.”

“Actually 7 years ago today on day 49 I established my personal best of 48 days and 3 hours.  This year is different.   But still I am very happy to be able to play this game.”

“Sri Chinmoy was very involved with this race and would come and visit the race as many as 5 times a day.  Once, after the race was finished.  He stood in front of his house and said with such regret.  Telling Rupantar, how I miss the race.”

“So on one hand we are looking forward to the race finishing.  We are counting days until the finish.  On the other hand I already miss the race.”

“After 4 days it will be over. No more camp.  No more runners going around and around. Still it will be in our hearts. A good experience.  A very good experience.”

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