Month: September 2014

  • Venu: The Flute of Lord Krishna

    It is not an easy thing to fully describe and share meaningfully even one experience in our lives little alone try and express the totality of a lifetime.  A little more than a year ago, Venu, who had been a disciple of Sri Chinmoy for 40 years passed away.  His exemplary life of devotion and […]

  • Progress Is Not A Prisoner Of Time: The 47 Mile Race 2014

    You tell the world: Progress, progress, progress! Progress within, progress without. That progress is not and cannot be A prisoner of time. Sri Chinmoy, Gorbachev: The Master-Key Of The Universal Heart, Agni Press, 1990 Sometimes there are moments that are so sweet and precious that we never want to let go of them.  But time, […]

  • World’s Largest Flower Garland…The Amazing Things You Can Do When You Are In Your Heart

    “We are trying to break the record for the world’s largest flower garland.  So we have 185,000 stems of carnations freshly arrived from Colombia.” …. Pavaka The sun has just started to brighten up the large playing field in Queens.  Many hours earlier around 5 am Pavaka, had gone and picked up the huge mountain […]

  • Jai Hind…..An Adaptation of ‘The Descent Of The Blue’

    What did you think of the show tonight? “I had very little expectations, because there were so many uncertainties, but it came off very well.”  Still wearing his wig of long flowing white hair Kaivalya answers me. Minutes earlier he and his 2 sons, along with a large cast had just taken their bows before […]