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  • It’s About Perfection

    He is someone who not only has a keen understanding of the significance of the 3100 mile race but has also performed a very practical and vital role there as well for many years.  Pradhan is someone keenly suited to finding solutions to the obstacles confronting the runners on many levels, not just the physical. […]

  • I Was Just The Willingness

    There are now but 5 champions left upon the great stage of the 3100 mile race.  6 others have already completed the grand mission that was set out for them here to do.  Now they, like us, are but spectators to this magnificent impossibility adventure, swiftly drawing down to a close on this the final […]

  • Every Step Brings Me Closer

    Ever since humanity was able to recognize  a divine existence within themselves they have been trying to seek it out, and bring it forth from within.  It is never easy to establish a constant inner oneness with this divinity, as so much of our outer nature tries to deny and negate even the very existence […]

  • It Is Our Destiny

    “It is like a piece of cake.” Atmavir starts his last day on the course with just 24 miles left to run.  He tells me that he learned the piece of cake expression from the great Austrian runner Smarana.  But there is precious little about this year’s race that is either sweet, tasty, or delicious […]

  • I Would Love to Run for Eternity

    Little by little I must change my life only in God’s own Way. Poem of the Day Written by Sri Chinmoy July 31st,2007 With but a few exceptions, none of the runners here is running so quickly that most people, even in pretty average condition, could not keep up with them for the length of […]

  • I Am Just Running

    “I don’t know.  I just did it.  I don’t think about it.  I am just running.” Pranjal starts day 48 with just 18 miles more to run.   When he crosses the line in just a few hours he will once again better his timing on the course.  It is his 6th straight year here and […]

  • Self-Transcendence’s Distant Shore

    He stands on the starting line this morning with but 30 more miles to go.  He is silent and serene and his eyes gaze downwards.  He is meditating, he is praying, he is offering up thanks or he may be doing a thousand other things or maybe nothing at all.  On the outer plane however, […]

  • Be A Part Of The Race

    It is his last full day on the course.  At his present rate, most likely sometime on Thursday afternoon Asprihanal will stride across the line and be declared the winner of this years 3100 mile race.  He starts the day with just 95 miles more to go.  A number, that for most of us, who […]

  • What Ever Capacity You Have

    There is no easy way to describe what function it is exactly that Parvati and her Enthusiasm Awakeners perform every day at the 3100 mile race.  That this group of women collectively pull themselves out of beds at an ungodly hour to stand in front of an empty school and sing every day is a […]

  • We Win Ourselves

    He is a most unlikely looking runner on this damp Sunday afternoon.  A light rain has just begun to fall and it is creating dark spots on his crisp blue shirt.  He does not run fast or far in his shiny dark shoes, but he is clearly eager to be part of this wondrous event.  […]