Day 38… My Heart’s Loving Oneness (July 24 )

“I have never run the 3100 mile race but I have always participated from its very inception as a volunteer.” This morning Vajra handed me a short commentary that reflects both his feelings and his long long history with the race.

He didn’t write a lot and his words fit into 3 compact paragraphs.  They are a collection of humble words coming from a man who has spent his summers for the past 23 years living and breathing the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race.

“So many of the runners now have reached a point where their bodies have reached an equilibrium.  Their bodies have gotten used to all the difficulties and they are now pacing themselves till they reach the end.”


“The human spirit as we know it is infinite, limitless, and boundless.  There are many words you can use to express something that is ever transcending.  This race represents exactly that.”

“As long as you have the opportunity to present to people something that will entice them to endure more of what they can unlimitlessly achieve.  This race will always be here to attract those people to run it.”

Vajra believes that Sri Chinmoy created the race, “to get people to believe and understand that there is something within them that is way beyond their own minds capacity to understand, that they are limitless, in every way.”

Asked why he has taken on the most thankless jobs over the years he says, “while I am doing all that, I am actually living through the runners.  I am seeing and feeling what they are seeing and feeling.  I am also, in a way, running in and through them.  This is based just upon my heart’s loving oneness with them.”

“Consequently what they feel I feel.  So this keeps me going.  As long as I have this oneness with them I will be able to continue to run this race and do whatever activities I am called upon to do, as long as the race exists.”

The Board at the Start of Day 38…* Note totals may not be accurate… Magic number is 2,205 miles *

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