Month: February 2016

  • Eternal Friends, Eternal Rivals, Eternal Brothers

    “You are not going to play this ever again.” Bhashwar jokes as he watches an old film of himself and Sakhshat competing in a 400 meter race that took place back in 1980. It is the first time that either of them has seen it. In this event Sakhshat is the clear winner. At the […]

  • The Track Is Ready For You

    It is late February of 2016. In a large meeting hall of a hotel in Port Dickson Malaysia, 35 year old Kumaran Muniandy tells me an incredibly inspiring story.  He has spent the last few days attending the functions and activities of the visiting disciples of Sri Chinmoy. It is a yearly gathering, and lacking […]

  • Inspiration News #7

    This is the follow up program.

  • Inspiration News #6

    This is a program a group of us made describing the yearly Christmas trip that disciples take to many different countries around the world and what they do for inspiration and fun.