Day 13…A Oneness-Family (June 30)

As Smarana heads into his 13th day on the course I ask him if he has had to once again change plans.  I quiz him whether he is moved on from his first plan and started to skip through the various letters of the alphabet.  He has been going through some major blister issues over the past few days.

“Well plan A always has to be elastic.  Otherwise it is going to be tough here. If you stick to preconceived concepts”

“I would really like to speak about the oneness aspect of the race.  Due to some technical problems we didn’t get any messages via the Marathon Team website.  At least ones from Austria, I don’t know why. We didn’t get any messages so I just surrendered.  I just let it go.”

“Then they started using a different web account and messages started to come.  It made such a difference.”
“Sometimes you get lost in details.  The lap becomes very small, your world.  Then you have to broaden your perspective again.  It was so helpful to get the messages.  My helper (Horst) even had tears.  It was a touching thing.”

“I felt the oneness energy, the one big family.  There is an exchange of energy.  I give something to them and they give something to me.  It is something very nice.”

“Once a reporter from France was here and I asked him to come around with me and do a lap.  Then I asked him, what do you think about the race and he said, you are crazy.  I tried to explain to him but he just didn’t get it.  Then a film maker named Matt read this article and said I have to come here and I have to make a video.  This is the race.  This is the place to be.”

So it is like there is so much in this race.  Some feel it or get it, and for some it is difficult. The lap is neutral.  It is always here.  It can become a path of tears and joy, sorrow and delight, whatever.  It just unfolds.”

“It is so intense here because of the time pressure.  It makes it very condensed.  But even every day life gets intense sometimes.  But here you can go through a lifetime.  Everything is compressed and condensed and very very fast.”

“In the beginning it is always shaky.  Your body is being beaten up and thrashed but then you get stronger.  Your focus improves and your mindset gets stable.  You can say, get in the groove.”

“Horst has done a really good job with my blisters.  He is a carpenter and set up a table at his home to set up a working station.  He did research and now we are finally nailing the problem and it is great.”

“This is where you can really learn how to savor the moment.  Because when you are in the past it doesn’t help you and future is obscure anyway.  You can make your plans and go down the alphabet and then end up at z.  Sometimes you just let go and then in the evening you miraculously you just have your miles.”

“But if you stay in the mind and say 1 plus 1 equals 2 then you can’t work it out.  Once you let go it is all just happening.”

“In the last few days I really had issues with blisters.  And I said O boy, then I just let go.  Then in the evening I had my miles.  It was just like a miracle.”

The vision of a oneness-family
Will one day cover
The length and breadth
Of the world.

Sri Chinmoy, Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, part 16, Agni Press, 1999

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Day 12…Inner Search (June 29)

2 years ago Nirbhasa ran the Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race for the first time.  After 11 days of running he had accumulated 710 miles.  Last year was a break year and once again he is running the longest race in the world.  This time after 11 days he has 725 miles, which in the peculiar trajectory of race statistics, would indicate a very good improvement.

When I ask Nirbhasa if he feels it is going well he says, “I am taking it one day at a time.  I don’t think about the accumulative amount of laps.  But I do remember at this stage of the race last time I started going down hill pretty quickly.”

He doesn’t know exactly what happened back then.  The files show that he started going well under 60 mile per day up until about the half way point on Day 26.  “My body just wasn’t used to it.  It started around day 11 or 12.  Before that all I had done was a 10 day race.  So that could have a lot to do with it.”

“Maybe now I am just doing better at management with things like sleep.  I am really trying now to look after myself.  To be in bed as soon as possible after this finishes.”

Nirbhasa says he learned a lot from his race experience here in 2015.  “But there is still a lot more to discover.  You come back with new goals.  Things that you could have done better outwardly.  Things that you could have done better inwardly to remain in a better frame of mind to actually enjoy the race as an experience.”

“There is no point in being out here for the better part of 2 months if you are not committed to experiencing and enjoying the race fully.  Rather than thinking, O God, and just ounting down the days until you have to go.”

I suggest to Nirbhasa that he went into the last race with a high degree of confidence.  “Confidence is a strong word.  You can cut it two ways.  You definitely have to some kind of idea that you can finish the race, and do well.  Have some goals and try and meet them every day.  At the same time you have to be very humble at this race.  Because the distance is just too long to push or pull.  Anything can happen.  You can get injured.  You might have to go slowly for a while.”

“I guess inwardly part of the goal is to be as happy and cheerful as possible no matter what happens.”

“One of the real opportunities of this race is that you really get to take time off and dedicate it towards your inner search in a way that I try to do in my regular life.  I am very lucky in that most of things that I do in my outer life are connected to my inner search in one way or another.  But still it is normally difficult to get together all those spiritual disciplines that you really like to do.”

“So it is a real opportunity here to really challenge the mind to go beyond the mind and go into the heart.  Because if you can’t do it here where can you do it.”

What are you searching for?
I am searching for my heart’s
Birthless and deathless sun.

Sri Chinmoy, Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, part 144, Agni Press, 1991

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Day 11…Always Better (June 28)

“It’s really nice weather so far.”  Kaneenika is wearing a vest this morning. It was a cool clear night.  Now there is a light breeze, the sky is bright, the air is clear it is an almost perfect day to be running for 18 hours around this sacred half mile block in Queens New York.

“We have had some rain and it has been mostly quite cool.  Sometimes the weather affects me.  If it is too hot and humid then definitively.”  We all of course know that the scourge of oppressive summer heat will be coming soon enough.

This is Kaneenika’s 3rd year in a row of running here and I was curious how she makes up her mind about doing it.  “Until I think, the beginning of February, I was almost 100 percent sure that I wasn’t going to do the race.  Then, I don’t know what happened.  It just happened that I got a really strong feeling that yes, I want to do the race.”

“I think it is my soul that compels me to do it.  Otherwise I can’t explain it.  Because I was really ready to skip this year.  I was more than ready and willing not to do it.”

I suggest that when she was so successful being able to complete the distance last year that she had more confidence and knowledge of how to do the race this time.  “That is why we are here.  To make it always better.  To go deeper.  To handle situations better.”

When asked about the fact that there are 4 girls this year.  “I think it is quite exciting.  Even before the race when I knew there were going to be 4 girls.  I was really looking forward to it.  It is a big difference.”

“There are more opportunities to share and to inspire each other. I am sure there are  moments when we pull each other, consciously or unconsciously. Maybe there will be times when I am tired and I see that other people are running, or doing there best then it definitely helps me.  To pull myself together, and go forward again.”

“Of course there are things you can do to help your body.  To heal and adapt to a situation.  But then as well you need to work on you inner level.  To overcome the situation.  To become stronger and sometimes it is not that easy but there is always meditation and all the things that Sri Chinmoy has taught us over the years, to help in situations like this.”

When I ask her if she feels the guidance and presence of Sri Chinmoy, “O yes.  Very strongly.  Sometimes it just happens and then sometimes I have to remind myself.  He is here and he is doing it.  It is not me but it is him.”

If you are good,
Become better.
If you are better,
Become best.
Always go forward —
Never backward!

Sri Chinmoy, Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, part 19, Agni Press, 2000

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Day 10…The Longest Journey (June 27)

He is a sweet enigma.  Ananda-Lahari, in this his 13 straight appearance at the Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race has spent more time, covered more distance, and smiled more soulfully than any of the other runners he now shares the course with.

When we think of races we usually think of placing, of crossing of finishing line, and the hopes for some, of being able to declare victory.  Ananda-Lahari, though he is built of all the same moving parts as the rest of humanity is simply designed and constructed within to view this race in a much different way.  Certainly some part of him wants always to complete the distance.  Something that has eluded him 7 of 12 times he has come.  Instead he is drawn to do this impossible act in a way that appears to be detached from the obvious results.

He runs as fast he can go, he rarely takes breaks, and stays on the course as late as any of the other runners.  In his absolute devotion to what he does, in his pure and uncomplicated dedication he is satisfied.  Because I believe he sees his spiritual journey as one that is not bound by the sidewalks he circles tirelessly each day.  But instead by the unseen progress he is making within towards a higher goal.  One that has no trophy, no finish line, only his own perfect perfection.

When I ask if he thinks of the loops around the course as repetitive, he says, “It doesn’t look like you are repeating the same thing.  It is like a journey.”  He also feels that the days for him feel longer when he is not running the race.

“I feel every part of the course has some beauty.  It may look very ordinary.  Like just a typical sidewalk and street, and highway, but it is actually very nice here.”  Ananda-Lahari also says he doesn’t miss the course when he is not here.  “Everything has its own time and place.  When I am here I am happy and when I am some place else, I am also happy.”

Only Ashprihanal has run the race more times.  He completed the race 14 times.  “I stayed out until the end but I did not complete the distance.” I point out that regardless he has been here a long time and covered an amazing amount of distance nonetheless.  “I don’t see it like that.  Somehow every year it is like a new experience.  It is a new race and the past is dust.  I don’t think, O I have done it so many times.”

“Every moment is special and every day is like going through many lifetimes.  It is not 52 days, it is like 50 years or more.  I don’t know.”

“Now it is still quiet.  It is just the start of the race.  But after 20 or 30 days it then becomes like immortality.  It is a really long long race.”

Ananda-Lahari says he thinks about his late Spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy a lot.  “He is my inspiration definitely.  I sometimes imagine the places where I saw him many times over the years around the course.”

“I am trying consciously to meditate or to pray or to chant as much as possible.  Which is almost all the time.  I am very grateful that I have the concentration for that and the eagerness, or enthusiasm.  I am really happy that I am here.”

The longest journey
Is always
The inner journey.
This journey knows no beginning
And no end.

Sri Chinmoy, Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, part 24, Agni Press, 2002

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Day 9…Never Ending Story (June 26)

Nidhruvi is celebrating her birthday at the 3100 mile race today.  It is not a new thing for her to run for 18 hours around a New York city block on this very special day.  She did after all run the race twice before, in both 2013 and 2104.

I am not quite sure now if the course was generou enough to smile beneficently upon her efforts back then. Today at least the sun is shining, the air is dry, and the day ahead looks to be as perfect as it ever gets here deep in the final grinding days of June.

This morning I interviewed her, and though the weather was being nice to her this day I was not so.  I started of with a tough question.  I was curious what she would like for a birthday present?  Both from the Supreme, the world, and from herself.  Her response, not unexpected, “that is too early to ask.”

Nidhruvi not unfamiliar to tough challenges then replied, “Surrender.  Just to be able to surrender no matter what.  And through this surrender then to be the most perfect instrument for the Supreme and for Guru.”

I was curious to know why surrender is so difficult for all of us.  “I guess there are many reasons.  We are still so very much human.  We live in our own little worlds.  There are so many things that we don’t know and we have to learn.  I think it is learning by doing.  Step by step you learn more.  Also we have to find out what surrender really is.”

“This is my 3rd race.”  I ask her if there is always something to be learned by coming back.  She laughs, this is a never ending story.  “This is transformation for yourself and transformation for the world.  You feel everything, because you are just in it.  All is one.”

“Sometimes you quite often feel this heavy weight.  But then again on the other side you also feel this beauty and joy in this world.”

Nidhruvi tells me that she was very excited about coming back to the race after a 3 year absence.  “Till about one month before. But then, like 2 weeks before, I was still looking for helpers and then I got totally sick before the race.  So many challenges.”

“I was always thinking to myself.  Stay calm, stay quiet, and just have faith in Guru.  If you are supposed to be here then I will be here.”  Ultimately she decided that there was nothing to be gained by worrying and that the Supreme would have to be responsible for getting everything organized and readied.

She also says that up until the night before the race she had a persistent bad cough.  “On the last night before the start I was literally crying inwardly and outwardly.  What should I do?  I am weak and I am coughing like crazy.  There was so much fear.  How am I going to run for 52 days in this condition?”

“Then I went to the meditation the night before and something must have happened.  It was so calm and peaceful and light.”  But then again later while in bed she felt a wave of fear come over her.  “But then I said okay, it doesn’t matter.  I am here.  Everything is organized.  I am going to the start.”

Still coughing at the point when she got to the starting line the coughing completely disappeared.

“Everybody goes through ups and downs.  You have your goals.  It such a hard tough race, with such a high standard.  I have done it before.  I know how hard it is.  My big goal is just to surrender, always do my best, and not be attached to the outcome.  Just be happy, whatever it is.  Surrender means that the Supreme is running in and through me.  He is running, not me.  Once you realize that then it makes it easier.”

“Because then you just and try and be the instrument.  Okay, take my body, my soul, my heart, and whatever you need take it.  I will try and to be of your service as best I can.”

The divine journey never ends.
Each ending is the preparation for a greater and more fulfilling beginning.

Sri Chinmoy, Colour Kingdom, Agni Press, 1974

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Day 8…The Happy Way (June 25)

Andrey Andreev has been a regular at the annual 10 Day race in Flushing Meadow.  For 10 straight years he has participated and his performances culminated last year in 2016 when he set his personal best of 629 miles.  The kind of miles that clearly demonstrated that he had the capacity to take the large step up to the Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race.

So far he has put in 7 days and is getting ever closer to going longer and further than he has ever run before.  He likes to keep the mood light and is quick to find humor and make a joke.  This morning when we talked he told me his race was amazing so far.  Particularly after yesterday.  When questioned further he says, “I got some sleep.” (laugh)

Andrey says that in the 10 Day race there are more options to take breaks and sleep.  But during this race the allowance for rest is very very tight.  Too much time off your feet and the goal of 3100 miles will disappear.  Andrey has 388 miles so far 7 days.  He ran 46 miles yesterday.

Asked what has surprised him about the race so far, “I was surprised by the seriousness.  But now it has just become normal.  I can’t even tell what the seriousness is all about.”  Lyalya who is helping with translation interjects, “he is a philosopher.”

“Yesterday I got a feeling that I can overcome this distance in a happy way.  This particular way I am very interested in.  I hope that I can always remain happy during the race.”

I ask him, of such qualities as physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, what is his view on how they should work for him.  “They are all important.  But of course the most important is spiritual.  Because we have to be able to become more spiritual.”

“This spiritual aspect I am trying to get to know better.  I hope that it comes to the fore.  Because there is no other way here.  You learn new things, and discover new things, and I try and live by all those new spiritual discoveries.”

“Every time you have a new spiritual discovery, or illumination, or awakening.  This is something that we have always wanted.  This is something that we have always needed it.”

Newness and fullness
Do not have to be invented;
They can be discovered
In our inner life

Sri Chinmoy, Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, part 15, Agni Press, 1999

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Day 7… Seeking Motivation (June 24)

Off and on over the past week at the 3100 mile race Ray Krolewicz has been a significant presence.  He has helped fix cars, fix feet and more importantly the lump of grey matter sitting in a lot of peoples heads.  He has inspired and guided, not just those on the course but any all who so easily got swept up in his loving personality and sometimes boundless energy.

He is one of the very few who was personally invited by Sri Chinmoy 10 years ago to come and run the race.  But was advised at the time that the moment for such an undertaking had yet to come.  In 2014 at age 59 Ray decided that it was the right time, and though he may have been disappointed at not completing the 3100 miles he settled for a not too insignificant 2014 miles instead.

Today he is appropriately wearing a t shirt which says, “Go Beyond.” Before he left the course I talked with him.  I first wanted to know what drew him here so much over the past week.

“Seeking motivation for life in general, running, and this event specifically.”

What he came away from his race here in 2014 he says, “sore feet, sore legs, a lot of friendship, and a lot of understanding of things  much bigger than me.” Foremost he says though he says, “things aren’t as easy as they look.”

“I would like to finish this race some time and not just be here.  I can be here and help and give encouragement and everything but I would like to come here and actually complete this event.”

“I was at the 2007 6 day race in Flushing Meadow and I had a conversation with Guru which I frequently did since I first met him in 1983.  And I talked about this event, and that I hadn’t gotten to run it because of teaching and working summers.  Which took a large block of time.  He told me that I should come and run it.  I said this year?  And he said no, not this year.  You will know when the time is right.”

In that race he says, “I gave it my best shot.  I don’t regret that but maybe that wasn’t the right time? Maybe the right time will actually happen later.”

“I think all events combine the inner and the outer.  There is an intensity to every event.  This race you  have to very carefully stretch it out and spread it so that you don’t burn out.  But if you were only running a 5 km race, and really seeking to excel and do the best that you can do.  You have to look for both the inner and the outer to succeed and do the best you can do.”

“I want to continue running and maybe improve my running.  I know I can never be again the runner I was in the 1980’s, but I think I can be a lot better than I have so far in the teens.  I would like to find that place where I am running as well as I can run with my age.  And not just be out there merely participating.  But actually trying to do performances.”

“Even when I was gone for a few days I checked the site.  I am jealous of the runners.  I am envious of the fact that they are here and continuing on and I am coming in bits and pieces but being here has in fact been motivational and inspirational to watch them and help me achieve whatever I can achieve going forward.”

Ray feels the race is a great teacher.  It helps you learn to be able to accept whatever is happening.  “Good days bad days.  We have watched different runners every year, this year in particular have good and bad days and recover and then come back.  It teaches patience.”

“It is one of the things that Sri Chinmoy tried to teach all of us.  Be patient.  Know when the time is right, not just for this event.  But for everything, and work towards the larger goals in life.”

I shall powerfully
Dominate my mind
And request my heart
To untiringly motivate my life.

Sri Chinmoy, Today, Agni Press, 1996

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Day 6… New Life (June 23)

Of the 10 runners attempting the Self Transcendence 3100 Race this year, 4 are doing so for the first time.  It is such an imposing challenge for even the most experienced runner that for one who has never run that long and that far the courage and commitment to do it has to be unparalleled.  Sergey Kuzmin is one of them.  He is just 44 years old and is from Novgorod Russia.  He has run a number of multi days but entering this race is by far the most difficult thing he has ever attempted.

*translation courtesy of Lyalya*

“Fate and destiny have brought me together with a lot of people that have run this race and when I saw their spirit and will power I wanted to do this race as well.”

I joke with Sergey that he could get almost as much satisfaction from running the 10 day race as he has done before.  “These are 2 completely different races.  True the 10 day race has had an impact on me forever.  But this 3100 mile race is a totally different race.”

“Besides my goal of running the 3100 miles I want to have the inner experiences that give you new life.  Ones that give you new inspiration and new energy inside.  Sergey did 59 miles yesterday and has 271 miles.

For Sergey as for many others who not familiar with a New York summer, getting used to the heat and humidity is a whole new challenging factor.  “For me this is a completely new environment.  For me to overcome these conditions is also self-transcendence.”

“The race has touched my heart already.  Especially the organizers who are doing so much.  I am running and they are doing so many limitless things.  They do this just so that we can run.  It is such selfless service on their part.”

“This race has a name, Self-Transcendence.  For me this is the main goal of mine to make even small steps of self-transcendence.  So this means that I really want to do that extra lap, that extra mile each day.  In that is my self-transcendence.

May my life long for
A new beginning,
A new hope
And a new promise!

Sri Chinmoy, Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, part 252, Agni Press, 1998

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Day 5…Just Do It (June 22)

She is the Diva, and according to the Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race brochure, she is as well the fastest female pedestrian in the world.  It seems that for a couple of years now that she would eventually make her way to Queens to the home of the longest race in the world.  In this its 21’s year Yolanda’s relentless footsteps in fact did intersect with the half mile course around Thomas Edison High School.

Yolanda starts her 5th day of the race with renewed energy and confidence.  After a shaky couple of days she has found her groove and has adapted well to the sometimes not so user friendly New York summer heat and humidity.

“I am feeling good.  Good Morning America.  Good Morning World.” Yolanda greets our little interview with her world class smile and her unparalleled superb enthusiastic attitude.

“I am feeling great the first 2 days were not good.  I almost thought I was going to drop out.  I had heat exhaustion really bad and now I have it under control.  I am getting my nutrition and hydration under control.  I am back.”

Asked why this race, “One I like to challenge myself and this is a huge challenge.  With this race I am hoping to have an outer body experience.  I have done over 500 marathons and ultras and I have never cried after any of them.  I hope that I can feel something…..besides the pain.”

“The people here are so beautiful and warm and welcoming.  There is so much love around. I believe in Sri Chinmoy’s philosophy of transcendence both inner and outer.  I hope to experience that.”

“I thought in my head that 60 miles a day was going to be really easy.  That I could be fabulous and have fun.  I am having fun now.  Yesterday was my best day (62 miles)

“But this is hard, really hard.  I don’t get much sleep.  We have 6 hours off, you have to be done by midnight.  But that time off is not really enough.  By the time you have showered and try to get some sleep.  This is really hard and challenging.”

“I am finally getting my groove.  I am feeling much better.  I am nutrition and hydration together.  That is the key.  You have to have that.  I have a problem with water.  It just really upsets my stomach.  So what I have been doing is putting fresh fruit in my water.  That has been really helping me get the water down and stay hydrated.  That is the key.”

“I am working really hard.  Yesterday was my best day and I was able to pull off the 62 miles.  Get into my groove and be happy.  I didn’t come all the way out here to be miserable.”

“Why sign up for something and be miserable.  Life is all about being happy and finding your peace.  Also just getting healthy and fit.  I am truly blessed to be here every day.  This course I thought was going to be boring.  I have met some of the nicest people through smiling.  People are looking for my smile and it is only day 5.  They look for me.  Where is that lady who smiles? She waves at me she smiles.  That has been really keeping me going, seeing the same people every day.”

Yolanda has some regrets about keeping up all her social media commitments but knows that getting in all the laps each day is her first and foremost priority.

“I trained really hard for 4 months.  Yesterday I felt the benefit of the training.  I felt in control, and I think I am going to do okay.  Every day is a new day.”

“Everybody has challenges in their lives.  I truly believe that if we let go of all the thousands of excuses of why we can’t get healthy and fit.  Just do it.  Move your body every single day.  Some say, o my doctor says I should move my body only every other day for 15 minutes…!”

“Do it every day for 15 minutes.  You will get stronger.  You will get better at it, and you will enjoy life more.  That is my thing for the day.  I don’t want to start preaching on that.  You know I lost both my parents to type 2 Diabetes.  They would tell you as well……move your body every day.”

If you want to succeed
In your outer life,
Then keep moving.

Sri Chinmoy, Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, part 9, Agni Press, 1998

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Day 4… A Miracle (June 21)

Vasu has finished the 3100 Mile Race 5 times.  Since his first race he has been a consistent and relentless competitor.  Qualities that don’t first come to mind when you first meet him.  For in person he is all gentle sweetness and untiring soulful devotion.  But mixed in there with his joy and brightness is determination to fulfill this impossible task of running the longest race in the world.  All done with a dedication to transcend whatever he has done before.

Now Vasu has been running for 3 straight days in his 6th race.  He leads the field with 211 miles and yesterday ran 69 miles, the most of any other runner.  What is not so obvious from the almost effortless way that he runs is that it is a real miracle that he is here at all this year and able to run even one step of the way.

“I have a story about a miracle of Sri Chinmoy. Last year after I ran this race I wanted to come back and run again this year.  I tried to recover and also do a little bit of training.  But on the 7th of January I fell down and broke a bone in my back. (He describes that it was not his spine but most likely, as he demonstrates with his hands, quite possibly ribs.  He also shows me how his diaphragm was hurt as well)

“I could not laugh or cough it hurt too much.  My first thought when I fell down was how was it going to be possible for me to run the race this year.”

He was quite anxious and concerned that his injury would keep him out.  One of his Doctors told him, “Vasu we love you, and we will pray for you, and everything will be good.  He gave me so much positive energy.”  He describes that he then went back to his home in St Petersburg and many of his fellow disciples tried to inspire him.  But I was only able to lie down on my back.  If I needed to stand up to eat or do something else I had to put on a back brace.  Many people helped me.”

Because of inactivity he started to gain weight.  He says that he got to be as much as 10kg over his usual body weight of 70.

“Sri Chinmoy inspired me to do everything.  To be healthy and ready to do this race.”

Vasu describes going to a joy weekend in May and that he had a very good experience.  “There I got the inspiration to run this race.  After this he contacted the race directors and asked for an invitation to run.”

“I have done everything possible in order that I could be able to run this race.”  A friend heard him say this and answered, “You did not do it.   Sri Chinmoy did it in and through you.”

Besides put in some very good mileage Vasu continues to do strengthening exercises for his back.  “I am trying to be in a good consciousness and I am grateful to everybody that helped me get here.  Thank you Sri Chinmoy for this experience.”

I know
How to run and run
And run.
My Lord Supreme
How to love me
With His

Sri Chinmoy

June 21st, 2006

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