Month: July 2013

  • July 31: Your Soul History

    This morning Sopan set off on the course just as he has now for the past 45 days.  Yet without fail, at least for the last few weeks, watching his first few laps is without question one of the most painful sites you can imagine.  He is by far the slowest, at that time of […]

  • July 30: A Changed Man

    I remember once hearing my Dad say that he was too old to change.  If there was something in particular troubling him, or whether it was simply life in general vexing him, in the way it exhausts most of us mortals, I cannot remember now.  At the time I thought he was incorrect but I […]

  • July 29: The Divine Journey Never Ends

    “Today I am feeling a little bit tired.  But it is okay.”  If you ever want to take a real look at somebody with a calm and steady mood and temperament than try and spend sometime with Surasa.  And yes add to those qualities as well her extraordinary ability to remain cheerful and positive when […]

  • July 28: Live Inside Your Heart

    “It is such a long race, but whey you are nearing the finish you start to savor every moment because you know it is coming to an end.”  After 42 days of running Sarah has completed 2100 miles.  Certainly not the kind of distance she had hoped for at the beginning, now so many weeks […]

  • July 27: Perfection Runner

    “It is a funny thing.  A couple of races ago I was observing all the different qualities that the runners represent.  If we combine all those qualities we get a perfect runner, with all the divine qualities that we need in the spiritual life.”  As Sarvagata tells me this it is still the very early […]

  • July 26: Every Day

    I know that what is happening here is inspiring many people around the world.  Besides those living in the neighborhood there are a few lucky ones who are within commuting range of Queens and can make their regular treks out to the race throughout the long hot summer.  These fortunate ones live in the far […]

  • July 25: What If They Never Stopped

    It was probably a crazy idea for me even just to imagine in the first place.  That somehow that it might be possible for the race to simply always continue on and that the runners never stop running on the course.  It was still safe when I allowed the image to harmlessly percolate around and […]

  • July 24: Give Yourself

    “What I am trying to do is to try and support them.  Everybody comes here because they want transcendence, to reach a spiritual goal.  I put a little piece of myself to help them reach that goal.”  Mario is one of the unsung heroes of the race.  He comes most nights here to give massages […]

  • July 23: Why Not

    “Why not.” This is Ananda-Lahari’s answer to my long circuitous question.  It is simple, it is clear, and yet to me and probably to most of us it is still unfathomable.  I have always been puzzled by this 37 year old runner from Slovakia.  He has completed the full distance here 5 times before and […]

  • July 22: Elevate To Your Highest Height

    It seems almost like a distant time now.  Yet flipping back through the calender it was just 7 years ago to the race in 2006 that perhaps the 3100 experienced its most historical moment. By any stretch of the imagination it was a magnificent year for the race and in particular for 50 year old […]