Month: August 2015

  • Jai Hind Part 2…..An Adaption of Descent of the Blue

    We don’t know exactly when this picture was taken but of course we know where.  Most likely it was taken shortly before Sri Chinmoy left Pondicherry to come to America in 1964.  In it we see a young man paying homage to his late spiritual teacher Sri Aurobindo.   With his head bowed and his […]

  • August 4: You Are Guided By Your Heart

    “All I can say is that this race you don’t do alone.  You are never alone out there on the course.  You have so many hopes and dreams and inspirations of everybody, who is following the race.  It is just amazing how even though you are not really in contact with humanity.  You are not […]

  • August 3: There Is Only One Power

    “I would like to thank the race directors.  The undying enthusiasm from morning until eve, for so many days.  Unbelievable.  The cooks, unimaginable.  Better and better from year to year.  I don’t know how they do better but they do better every year.” “I wish to thank the Enthusiasm Awakeners.  I would like to […]

  • August 2: It Is All Grace

    “I just want to say that standing here with this record is really hard to believe.  It is hard to believe because I had doubts until the beginning of this race.  Because I always felt that I was not strong enough.  That I am too weak and too tired.  But there were always good persons […]

  • August 1: Good to Have Goals

    The practical world has lots and lots to offer us.  It has countless comforts and many many remarkable things but it is missing something that is most significant to all of us.  The practical world does not have dreams of transcendence. photo by Alakananda The practical world has boundaries and dimensions that can be […]