Category: 6 & 10 Day Race 2010

  • That’s Not Why We Came Out Here

    “It’s not easy to break a world record.”  Once long ago Sri Chinmoy told this to Dipali Cunningham as she set one of her many world bests.  It is also not easy to run 446 miles over 6 days as she did here in Flushing Meadow today.  Doing it as well, by pushing relentlessly through […]

  • You Learn A Lot About Yourself

    There are O so many precious moments in the 6 and 10 day race.  Some glorious and record breaking, and at other times, the little special personal ones.   The moments that do not attract much notice from others, and yet may in the end mean much more to you. Things that take place while […]

  • Something Changes In Me

    To me it is an inexplicable mystery that the first 3 men in the 10 day race are not only from the same country, Ukraine, but also that they come from the same small city, Vinnitsa.  If that were not enough to make you scratch your head in amazement, there are also 2 other citizens […]

  • A Grace Race

    She is not just the leading woman in the 6 day race, Dipali Cunningham 51 from Melbourne Australia is the leader overall.  In so many ways it is this race that is the focus for her of an entire years worth of training.  Unlike many of the other  top runners, who test themselves at many […]

  • Courage to Answer

    When the sky is bright and the air is fresh and warm it easy to see how and perhaps why 68 runners would choose to be part of this amazing world of self-transcendence running.  I am at the race now though in the dwindling seconds of a Saturday night, which in moments, will stride into […]

  • Experiences You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

    He is the new kid on the 6 day block, but you would never know it.  He is moving easily here around the course on this gorgeous Saturday afternoon without any signs of wear and tear.  It is really hard to believe, as he runs so effortlessly now, that he has been at this for […]

  • Now is the Time to Love Yourself

    At noon time today, the second great wave of runners stepped off from the starting line in Flushing Meadow.  There were 40 in total and under bright sunny skies they set off on a journey that will not be completed until 144 hours have passed.  One might say that running for 6 days has to […]

  • Just Keep Moving

    The very need to run is a primal aspect of our beings.  It hearkens back to a long ago ancient time when the ability to run was an integral part of our makeups.  Indeed necessary for our very survival.  It is buried, in plain view, within our genetic blueprint. We are built to run. Perhaps […]

  • You Must Do Your Work Here

    The race is heading into its 3rd day now and the sun bright weather of the past 2 days took a decidedly damp turn this afternoon.  It is not unexpected of course at this time of year.  The race always has a constant solution for not only the cold and damp but as well perhaps […]

  • I am all Happiness

    I don’t know what you did last night but I have a good idea what 29 ten day runners in Flushing meadow did.  As the warm bright afternoon of their first day settled away and was replaced by a still cool night, the true enormity of their task truly opened up in front of them. […]