Peace Run St David’s….March 15

It is cool bright March morning.  All is still in the heart of the town of St. Davids.  The Norman cross has seen centuries of activity happening around and about.  Soon it will see witness something very different.


The Peace Run approaches with all its energy, joy, and of course peace.

runners approaching-1200408

A ceremony takes place beneath the ancient cross

canon torch square-1200412

Approaching the most hallowed St David’s Cathedral.

walking down to st davids-1200418

Group photo

group shot square-1200414

The sun splashes across the cool still interior


Canon Dorrien Davies

canon talking-1200419

“So coming here today is a very important part of your journey as you go around Wales.  It is a great pleasure to see you.”

“What you see here is Norman.  It was built in the Norman period, and the floor in which you stand is a difference between the great west door and the high alter of the cathedral of 3 meters, 14 1/2 feet.  So when the Dean and I have to walk up here, it is quite a strain.”

“The pillars have been here over 800 years, and this houses the remains of our patron saint.  Saint Patrick of Ireland came from this area.  So the Irish were blessed by the Christian traditions that Wales had to offer.  We have the patron saint of harpists buried here St. Caradoc.”


“But of course what this place has to offer is not what remains here, but what people take from here.  And that is the Christian message of love and hope and new beginnings.  Which is what you do also.  We live in a world that needs hope.  Which needs love and which most definitely needs new beginnings.  You are testifying to something which is not only universal in its spirit, but also God given.”

“So it is lovely to have you here.  It is a great privilege to each and every one of us to be able to welcome you.  I hope that when you go from here that one day you will return here as pilgrims.  And we will be able to welcome you again.”

Talk by the Reverend Canon Dorrien Davies:


devashishu taling-1200421

“I thought it would be very appropriate to come into this space, for we are at the very heart of the Cathedral now.  We restored the medieval shrine in 2012.  This has become really the focus for prayer.  As you probably appreciate, part of what we do here is to pray.  Each morning and each evening prayers are said in the cathedral.  In many ways it is very appropriate that we are gathered here today. We have had news that the Russians are pulling out of Syria.  Peace talks are in process all very exciting and very encouraging.”

“We have on average 300,000 visitors pass through here every year.  We hope that many of the people who come here will find peace in this place and take it away with them.  It is part of what we are about.  So it is quite an amazing place.”

dean devashishu church-1200441

“Pembrokeshire is an amazing place.  You have enjoyed the coastline it is fabulous.  Many people come to actually walk the coastline.  I think they find great solace in the scenery.  Pembrokeshire has a very strange pull on people.  Once you come here you always want to come back.  So I hope you all come back.  It has been a fantastic experience to have you here with us this morning.  We wish you every blessing as you along your way.  We will follow you with interest.”


“As you leave this place we pray for God’s blessing on you, as you take this message of peace around the world.  We pray for peace in our world.  For our world leaders, for this nation, for governments, for all who work for justice and peace.  So God’s blessing on you.”

Talk by the Dean of St David’s Cathedral the Very Reverend Jonathan Lean:


At the tomb of St David a candle is lit.

lighting candle-1200430

Placing it on the altar.

placing candle-1200431

Students of Ysgol Bro Dewi:

Kid Recorders


Two Sisters:

Kid sisters

sisters singing-1200427Leaving the church

devashishu coming out of church-1200434A school group approaches

kids and torch3-1200447

More get to hold the torch

kids and torch-1200443

The Dean sprints up the steps carrying the torch

dean running stairs2-1200438Final good byes

charana dean canon-1200448

You cannot have a peace-future
If you are afraid of loving
Your present life
The way God Himself loves you.