Category: 3100 Mile Race 2016

  • August 9… To Beautify The World

    Her story is almost perfection itself.  Or at least one that most accurately reflects how we mortals struggle and strive against adversity.   Then when we least expect it we accomplish that once insurmountable task that had risen up in front of us. Click below to hear the sound of Kaneenika’s finish: Kaneenika finish In […]

  • August 8… A New Experience

    This morning when Surasa ran by me she asked if I wouldn’t mind taping a message for her.  Of course I considered it a great honor to be able to to record this for all her friends and admirers. “I have a message for my friends.” “Dear friends all over the world.  I just want […]

  • August 7… How Can I Stop

    When I meet with Baladev this morning he has just been reading a page full of poems that Sri Chinmoy wrote on the topic of never giving up. I ask him what that means to him and he says, “right now I am not in a talking mood.” Instead he uses the time to read […]

  • August 6… God Has A Plan

    Be good and remain good; if you want to be a supremely chosen child of God. When I go to meet Vasu out on the course he is reciting the daily prayer with Stutisheel.  Saying the daily prayer is something that he has done throughout this race, and as far as I know it is […]

  • August 5… A New Goal

    “Three years ago I had a dream, and in that dream I saw that the distance for this race would be longer in the future.” Click to Play Sound of Atmavir’s finish: Atmavir finish For Atmavir this morning the finish line is just 41 miles away.  When he crosses it for the 9th time late […]

  • August 4… The Whole World Is In My Heart

    It was the closes finish ever at the 3100 mile  race.  Last night at midnight both Yuri and Ashprihanal had put in an astonishing day of running.  Demonstrating unquestionably what it really means to dig deep, try harder, and for all of us mortals on the sideline, what appeared to be transcending themselves in a […]

  • August 3… God’s Embrace

    I greet Yuri this morning with, “we won’t be doing this again.” It is his last full day of running and by early tomorrow his 3100 mile race will be over for this year.  He starts the day with just 84 more miles left to run. *Translation by Lyalya* In each of our previous talks […]

  • August 2… Lots of Prayers to Say and Miles to Run

    “I think I felt it last week.  There was a point when I was able to do 100 laps.” That point of course was when at last Kaneenika was able to see that she would be able to complete all 3100 miles of the race.  She is rightfully cautious as she expresses this optimism.  There […]

  • August 1… I Hope I Can Make It

    I don’t usually ask runners questions about their day to day life while they are running.  My logic, if there is any, is that if they talk about their other lives it will be a distraction from the very real pursuit which they have to face here every day for 52 days. It is not […]

  • July 31… I Am Very Close

    “Everybody says that each race is different.  This race is absolutely different for me.  What can I say.  I had a wonderful easy first half and then this came.” . “The thing is that I accepted it and it is like it is.” We cannot know entirely the dimensions and depth of Surasa’s ordeal, which […]