Month: April 2009

  • It’s Not Just About Running

    I have come back to the race, and in my absence, time has marched inexorably and steadily on its course.  It is well past midnight and time is marking its way into the darkest depths of the lonesome night.  I park the car under the fluorescent lights in the parking lot and everything is now […]

  • Lions Under the Trees

    There are lions under the trees in Flushing Meadow, but they are not the dangerous kind.   The sun has chased them off the burning paths and they lie in the deep fresh grass and just loll and pant.  They wait patiently for the sun to fall down out of the sky so that they can […]

  • It’s Not a Race it’s a Game

    I am standing in the parking lot of the 6 & 10 Day race and I feel almost as though I am caught up in a swirling tide of humanity.  The race now has swollen to 80 runners, and on this warm sunny Monday afternoon, in every direction I look they are all either coming […]

  • Happy Turtle

    It was a brand new day at the 6 & 10 day race today.  There were 36 fresh faced runners pacing around anxiously waiting for their special moment when they too could throw their lives into the unparalleled adventure which is the 6 day race.  The 10 day runners have already journeyed past the magical […]

  • Meant For This World

    Saturdays in Flushing Meadow are always a busy time.   Today, with its unseasonably warm temperatures brought even more life and energy into the bustling park.  The temperature pushed into the mid 80’s and for Preetiduta Thorpe from Auckland New Zealsand  it was a chance to reuse the umbrella she must have used to protect herself […]

  • Each Mile is a Flower

    The curious race of Madhupran Schwerk continued today.  For a man, who just yesterday saw his dreams of reaching 1000 miles shatter, today he looks confident and secure and is moving well, and oddly enough, still perhaps able to make it any way.  It appears as though a new destiny is slowly and surely revealing […]

  • It’s Not Over Till Its Over

    I arrive at the race this evening and hear some shocking news.  Madhupran is talking with Dipali who is still a few days away from starting her race.  He says, “My race is over.”  He points to his knee and indicates that there is a problem there. What makes this news even more surprising is […]

  • First Steps on a Long Road

    At precisely noon today a little temporary Universe sprang joyously to life.  For all intent and purpose it appears pecariously perched on the edge of a damp park in New York city.  Its life span will last not much longer than a rose but in the brief time the Self-Transcendence race goes on in Flushing […]

  • The Night Before Tomorrow

    Last night was a wet nightmare, and no where can its misery be more profoundly felt than in the swampy confines of Flushing Meadow.  It is a place in which water is a constant factor but with the previous night consisting of a constant downpour much of the paths and roads are floaded.  Where most […]

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