Month: August 2012

  • August 7: The Inner Source and The Outer Reality

    So often we feel that we have innumerable options and opportunities available to us.  That we stand poised before so many open doors.   Each one  leading to greater satisfaction and fulfilling possibilities in our life.  Whenever we hesitate or doubt whatever lies waiting for us just beyond, the doors then simply vanish, an opportunity […]

  • August 6: A Divine Thing Unfolding

    “Self Transcendence is actually a quality that you can experience. It is not just a concept or a philosophy. It is a quality of the divine. Something inwardly that is expanding and growing and you can experience it, and once you experience that then this self transcendent nature starts more spontaneously acting in and through […]

  • August 5: Reach Our Highest

    “I really believe there are some hidden secrets here, which we just have to reveal.  Each year I try to go more deep.  This is the place where we can really reach our highest.”….Atmavir For 6 years in a row this place has been Atmavir’s 2nd home, a sacred place in which, through great personal […]

  • August 4: The Inner Cry

    “This 3100 mile race is an inner thing.  There are small and bigger inner things that happen here that you can compare to a meditation experience.  The deeper experiences, this I will of course take with me.  The outer thing I don’t know.”…..Pushkar As each runner approaches the finish line of the 3100 their faces […]

  • August 3: The Way To The Goal

    “The way to the goal is more important than the goal itself.  At least I feel it like that.  I am always happier with the experiences I get while I am here than at the finish.”….Pranjal This morning Pranjal started running here with just 42 more miles to go.  By early evening he will reach […]

  • August 2: You Just Have To Try

    “What is very good about this race, you don’t have to understand what is going on.   You just have to try, and try, and try, and cry.”…..Sarvagata Early this morning when Sarvagata arrived at the start he appeared to be fresh and full of life.  He did not look at all like a man who […]

  • August 1: Food For The Soul

    “You can help them tremendously by putting love and devotion into the food.”…Nirjharini The little kitchen is tucked away, nestled in a quiet nook, safe and secure from all the buzz and bustle of the busy streets of Queens.  To get there you have to climb some steep steps leading up from the cracked sidewalk […]