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  • A Soulful Offering….Susan & Dipali 47 Mile Race 2019

    “I feel it was a soulful offering to my Guru.” Susan Interview: Susan had a terrific performance in this years 47 mile race.  Her time of 6:54:06 placed her first in the girls category and was fast enough for 2nd overall. She won the race as well last year with a time 7:09:45 which means […]

  • A Race Unlike Any Other…Abhinabha Wins 47 Mile Race 2019

    Even before completing the first loop of the track Abhinabha had taken a commanding lead in this years 47 mile race. Interview: Susan who was in 2nd place overall would eventually finish more than an hour behind his time of 5:35:49 “This is the 3rd time I have run the 47 mile race, and it […]

  • 47 Mile Race 2019 (Pictures)

  • Sri Chinmoy’s 47 Mile Race 2017

    It has taken me a lot longer than I hoped to gather up all the bits and pieces of the 47 mile race this year and I apologize to all those who have patiently waited to see pictures and listen to the voices of those who took part that wonderful night. For me the race […]

  • Sri Chinmoy’s 47 Mile Race 2016

    The footage is less than 2 minutes long.  A mere fragment of much greater event that probably could never be captured adequately by a super 8 film very well anyway. Yet it shows Sri Chinmoy completing the 47 mile race in 1980 for the 2nd time.  A performance that took him 11:27:24  to complete and […]

  • A Precious Gift

    Can I Help You? While I was running 47 miles, one person came up to me and said, “You do such nice things for people. Sir, can I be of any help to you?” I said, “Thank you, I do not need any help right now.” -27 August 1982 Sri Chinmoy, Run And Become, Become […]

  • The Gift

    Sri Chinmoy’s long distance running life started in a simple and spontaneous way.  On June 1 1978 while  visiting in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park where he had just planted and dedicated a Peace tree.  It was a typical late spring day, overcast and coolish.  A not untypical San Franciscan day.  After the formalities of […]

  • The 47 Mile Race 2009

    Somehow it was slipping away from me.  Like it always does, the 47 mile inspires and touches my heart like no other running event.  This year the night of the race was perfect.  The evening air was cool and light as the midnight start approached.  An impressive group had turned out to participate in a […]