April 27….Finish (Always Something New)

Bugjargal won the 10 day race today with 739 miles.  He placed with the second place finisher Igor, who completed 713 miles at the finish line.

Jesper came in 3rd with 627 miles.  He says he trained very hard for this race, but unlike many other times he has run he suffered from many ailments.  All of which in their unique way contributed to a powerful and positive experience.

Nataliya won the Women’s 10 Day with 578 miles

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Vinati was 2nd with 569 miles

Kim was 3rd with 525 miles

Ashprihanal won the 6 day with 441 miles and John Geesler was 2nd with 425 miles

Nearly there

Susan Marshall won the 6 day women with 408 miles

Her goal had been to complete 400 miles.  She celebrated at the time briefly with her helper Hridayinee

Kim Allan was 2nd with 364 miles.   Shirley had 162 miles

Winners all

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Board 10 Day

Elena completing 500 miles

Showing the effort of 10 long days

The board changes

Getting some big help with the clock


Arun getting some last minute help from Bahula in her pop up aid station

With some assistance from Dr. Mitch Proffman

Who had his own busy day

Last laps


“I am really inspired, put my name in for next year.  David Duck”

6 Day Board



Vasuprada and Kim



Superman surveying the park.  Salutes its full time summer residents

Patanga and Ushika

Jiri getting a kingsize cheer

Close to the finish the t shirt table comes out

Mark and Todd


Rupantar enjoying the final laps

Superman knows he could have easily won the race but wants to use his super powers for other things





Really enjoying spring wild flowers



Helpers taking a break





“Excuse me while I talk when my mouth is full.”

Ashirvad and Karteek

Sahishnu watching Andrei finish


Fred Davis and Arpan

Gundega and her helper


“I am not sure if this guy is joking or not.”


A pack


The Nipura’s kitchen coming down.  Helper Mandra at her side




Drink healthy beverages says superman

Most stay on the course to the end

70 year old Ronnie Wong finished with 271 miles

Listening to tunes while taking a break




Getting ready for the awards


Wendy’s mango man


Paramita helping with last minute problems





Superman taking a power nap




Mark Dorion

Mark with many friends

Michel Guoin has run the 10 day race for the past 11 years

His goal has  always been to make at least 500 miles each time.  This year he had fallen behind the pace.  He needed more miles for his final day in order to do it.

He succeeded with just a little to spare.  He made 57 miles for his final 24 hours and completed 503 miles.  Michel will be back for his 12th appearance next year


Petra one of the last to finish

Pratishruti with Karnayati

Time to pose

Superman reading super aphorisms

Jesper packing

Todd loading his gear


Time to lift

Sahishnu goes through the board pointing out some of the remarkable achievements.

Some treats being given

Georgs packing

Time to finally relax

Joe and Kim

Pedja made his goal with 507 miles

Superman is happy to help at the awards ceremony

Sulochana offering flowers

Sandro enjoying a sit down meal

Superman with just a few words to warm up the crowd

Ushika and Arun

Canadian content

Superman listening to one of his fans

Sahishnu gives his speech

Budjargal awarded his trophy by the Mongolian ambassador

Nearly over

Each mind has something
New to say.
Each heart has something
New to give.
Each life has something
New to become.

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  1. Thank you, Utpal, for the wonderful reports every day! You bring us not only the outer events of the race, but also the inner events within each runner, which is so very inspiring and captures the true spirit of the race.

  2. Deep and sincere gratitude for bringing the beauty and inspiration of this event to us with such depth and spirit. I have eagerly waited for you work ever day. I hope you know how much you inspire.

  3. The drone views were so dramatic and beautiful!
    A great new addition to an already amazing blog.
    When you actually see from an aerial view the park, the mile loop, and runners camp it is so exciting!
    Thanks Utpal simply spectacular reporting!
    I would even let you fly a real plane now.

  4. Thank you for a glorious ten days. We get to be there,and partake of the joy, the pain, and the transcendence. Lots and lots of gratitude

  5. ducks and geese Quack Quack 🙂 I have memories of being preoccupied with taking their pictures when at the race some years ago. What a wonderful artistic and self-giving service you offer by sharing the multi-day races with the world!

  6. Congratulations to all the runners and the helpers!! It is a huge achievement!! Thank you Utpal for allowing us to share each day of this long and momentous race!! Beautifully done as always with the added lightness of sweet humour.

  7. Thank you, Utpal, Thank you!!! Again and again you make it possible for us to become part and parcel of all these insightful experiences!!! How much we all profit from your many amazing posts and all the photos!!! Thank you!!!

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