April 19….Day 3 (Nothing To Lose)

The first 48 hours have passed

“Its going great….beautiful Canadian weather.”  Last year Richard came for the first time and ran the 6 day race.  At the end of 48 hours he has made 100 miles

He jokes, “this is kind of balmy for Canada….you know that.”

“I actually feel very lucky and blessed.  That is the honest truth.  I am enjoying every second of it.”

He says that in some ways every day at the race is similar.  “You go to sleep, you get up, you run, but every day actually is different.  There are things to contend with.  There is the weather.  There is how you are feeling.  There is your injuries.  It is all the same but different.”

Richard says that compared to his race last year he feels that he is getting a lot better at it.  Last year I may have gone out to fast. I got injured and ended up walking for a lot of the race.  This year I am just working my way through my injuries.  I know that I have a lot of time…..so just enjoy.”

“One thing that is always the same here I can tell you is the food is great, the people are great, the support is great, the runners are great.  You feel coddled here.  It is a wonderful feeling.”

“I feel that because I am taking longer breaks that when I get up I feel fully energized.”  Laila is here at the race for the second time.  She did the 6 day race last year.

“So most of the time I am running and not walking.”  (she has 111 miles for 2 days)

When asked what she likes most about the race she says the intensity.  “I like to get fully immersed in things, so that nothing else exists.  This is perfect place for that.”

“You feel here that you are living in the moment.  You are dealing with this moment here and now.  Whatever is needed is taken care of you are not thinking about the past or the future.”

“Eventually you just let go of everything.  You feel peace, sweetness, joy.  You have to go through some hardship to get there.  Eventually you realize that nothing is important but your peace and your joy.”

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Budjargal has 189 miles for 2 days.

Albena has 111 miles



Ales has 137 miles

The board keeper

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Avanayaha has 87 miles

Bayarsaikha has 113 miles

Ashirvad is sorting out some technical things at the race today.  He is entered in the 6 day for the first time.


Lunch time

Menu discussion

Cook break

Fred Davis taking a vegan food break.

He has 121 miles


Georgs (103), Jiri (122)

Other side of the park

Vinati has 118 miles

Vasuprada has 78 miles

Taking a break


Ushika has 139 miles and is in 4th


Sandro has 112 miles

Nataliya has 135 miles and is 2nd

Patanga has 100 miles

Pedja on track with 122 miles

Andrei Somov taking a short medical break (104 miles)

Working on his feet

Oleksandr has 125 miles

Michel has 104 miles.  He is doing the 10 race for the 11th time


Nipura and Surudhuni

Karteek has 108 miles


She has 105 miles

Her race helper

Jesper is in 3rd with 150 miles

Igor in 2nd with 160 miles

Gundega has 132 miles


Nothing to lose but the ignorance
In your life.
Nothing to lose but the fear
In your heart.
Nothing to lose but the doubt
In your mind.
Nothing to lose but the imperfection
In your world.

Sri Chinmoy, Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 96, Agni Press, 1983

6 thoughts on “April 19….Day 3 (Nothing To Lose)”

  1. My deepest gratitude to Utpal, runners, helpers and Sahishnu and boys who organize these races. Every time I open this page I feel real inner joy, my soul is so happy and I just notice the smile on my face. Thank you so much everybody

  2. Watching every morning.
    Wishing to all good luck)))
    What a beautiful blooming there;)
    Olga & Ksenia

  3. This is so so inspiring!!! Thank you so much. All the best to runners and helpers.

  4. Checking these pages everyday takes me back to the days and laps I have spent in these races. Best wishes to all, especially Pedja and Sandro, who I am sure I will have a debrief with later 🙂

  5. How do you get those aerial shots of the park that seem like a video within the video? Way cool!!!

  6. hat a great team – manifestation of Oneness worldvision of Sri Chinmoy- made up of runners helpers organisers, kitchen staff and an amazing recorder in print, pictures,words and comments

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