April 23….Day 7 (Stay Inside Your Heart)

“I like to challenge myself.”

This is the 4th time Budjargal Byambaa has come to the race and so far he has run spectacularly and consistently over the past 6 days. He has 456 miles and leads the 10 day field by 21 miles.  When I ask him why he is running so much better this year he says, “I made sure that I trained better back in my home in Mongolia.”

* translation courtesy of Ariuka*

“In previous years my training was split between Canada, U.S., and China.  This time what worked out well was I trained in my country Mongolia.  The climate there is very friendly, and good for challenging yourself. ”

He adds that his goal is both to run well with big miles and win the race.  As to what he has learned, “Your heart power is much stronger than your mind power.  If you stay in the heart, you can forget all about your pains.”

“It has been dark for 2 days and now that it is sunny people are starting to feel happy.” Gundega has done the race 5 times and this is the 2nd time she has been in the 10 day.  After 6 days she has 327 miles and is in 4th place.

The difference between the 10 and 6 is that the 10 is a longer experience.  As for her miles she says, “when I started I think I cared but then after 4 days I had an interesting inner experience.  I wasn’t caring about the right thing.”   She realized that more important than her mileage was being in a good consciousness.”

When that happened she immediately felt her stress and worries vanish.  “I am so happy.”

I ask her how it is possible to be in a good consciousness when the race is so difficult.  “You can walk, you listen to music, You can imagine you are a small child.  You can do many many things.”

Gundega says every race she is shown something new.  “You always learn something about yourself.  It is really really important.  It is progress.”

“I spent all of last year preparing for the race.”  Injured, she could not run the 6 day last year.  How she got interested she says, “it started 4 years ago when I came to help at the 3100 mile race.  It gave me the inspiration to start training for this event.”

“The energy at these races is so amazing.  I didn’t come with any big expectations I just wanted to offer myself and do my best.  This year was going to be a learning experience.”  After 2 days she has 126 miles.

She feels that being happy and joyful and having positive thoughts are really important to the race experience.  “It makes such a difference in how one feels.”

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Igor has 425 miles and is in 2nd…..Albena has 280

Nataliya is leading the 10 day women with 342

Ashprihanal leads the men with 180

John Geesler is 2nd with 166

Todd is 2nd with 138


Vikena is 2nd with 142

Susan is 3rd with 132


Warm sunny day and the runners are drinking


Wendy who is helping Mark D presents me with a Yorkshire pin

Sweet potato

Something delicious for everyone



Anna taking a break somewhere back there


Mark, Arun, and Pedja

Annugata doing some road repair

Small snack




Uddipan surveying the field


Shirley and Mark after 2 days


We now know who is number 1



Taking a break




Computer problems can make you crazy mad

Pedja and his helper Mita  Michel and his son Tommy who has just finished his school year

Mongolian girls

Tommy and his Dad Michel

Sandro getting a massage

Budjargal getting worked on




Fruit and salad combo


More Georgs

Break time



Gundega soaking her feet







Do you want to win
In the battlefield of life?
Then do not run away,
Do not idle away.
Only develop a new heart
And stay inside it,
Forever stay.

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  1. That cloud,for us cloud-lovers, is a real bonus! Wow, it just gets better all the time. Lots of gratitude to Utpal, and to everyone for this magical self-offering.

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