Category: 6 & 10 Day Race 2017

  • April 18 ….Day 2 (When You Give Joy To Others)

    The first 24 hours have passed in the 10 day race The camp Before the first 24 hours Budjargal got 100 miles He is running very well and is leading the 10 day field. Bubbles “I promised you that I would come back after 10 years.”  Last year Pedja Knezevic ran the 10 race after […]

  • April 17….Start of 10 Day (Start of Something New)

    The Self-Transcendence 10 race started today in Flushing Meadow   “The races are always great.  The runners push themselves beyond the brink of sanity but they discover new potential or they discover something new inside themselves.”  I spoke with Sahishnu before the start as he was giving out race kits. “It gives them an assurance…. […]

  • April 16….I Feel Ready For It

    Now it is just 24 hours before the 10 day race starts on Monday. The score board eagerly awaits the first numbers to be attached. Runners are busily arriving setting up their tents. The dormitories are mostly empty Lots of work still being done Jesper Olsen has returned after 5 years “In 2012 I reached […]

  • Set Up For 6 and 10 Day Race……April 14

    3 Days to go From the air Just one tent Bipin Traffic on the LIE Remarks after 1991 700 – 1,000 – 1,300 Mile Race I am a student of peace, and I feel this is one of the ways to offer peace to the world at large. I am a man of prayer and […]