April 21….Day 5 (Time to be Really Happy is Now)

“I like pain.”  Quote from Shirley Kolakovich a short time before the start of the 6 day race.  (Just Kidding)

“They do a really good job at this race.  The aid stations are great usually the weather is nice.  We’ll see the last 4 days the weather is going to be in the 70’s F.”

This is the 2nd time Shirley has done the race.  2 years ago she did 211 miles and is hoping for 300 miles this time.

“I love New York and the staff here is great.  The course is nice it is not too hilly.  Which is really nice.”

When asked if there was something she would like to see happen to her personally she says, “I want to humble myself.”  I suggest this expectation will likely be fulfilled.

58 year old John Geeler set a personal best of 437 miles here last year.  He has been here many times and has tremendous multi day experience.

He arrives minutes before the start and when asked if he ever gets nervous, “plenty nerves.  Specially when you don’t get here on time.”

“You want to do good and everything.  This race is not like a 5km race when you have to perform well right away.  Here you can make mistakes because you have time.”  Having a good time he says is his plan.

Mark was here 2 years ago and says he is glad to be back.  “It is the same course very familiar.  Beautiful weather, I love the clouds.”

“Last time I had a goal of 400 miles and I hit it.  I am a little out of shape this time.  Usually I am pretty strong at the end of the race.  So the first couple of days are for me about survival.  Trying to eat correctly.  There are a lot of inspirational runners here.”  He mentions how much inspiration he gets from being among so many talented and experience athletes.

“Very happy to be here and I would like to make 350 miles.  I think to start I will just and try and make it to 100 miles.”

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Ashprihanal favorite in the 6 day

Vikena arrives and is running for the 2nd time.

She won last year with a personal best of 375 miles

Susan with some of her crew

Going over last minute details with Hridayinee


Photographers getting ready for the start

Petra doing her first 6 day

Of course the 10 day is in progress.  Oleksandr receives some mail.

The board after 24 hours

Waiting for the time to be called to the starting line.

There are quite a few runners from Mongolia

Time is passing

Mark Dorion is here and going to be crewed by Alan and Wendy

Not a game

Laila taking a break

Konstantin getting ready

Kim Allan is here from Auckland

Joe Cleary from Georgetown Ontario Canada

John bringing in supplies

Not time yet

Bipin talks with Roger

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Dipali chats with Vikena just before the start

Sahishnu introduces all the runners

Ashprihanal is the last runner to come to the starting line

Budjargal leads the 10 day race with 320

Jesper is 2nd with 290

“They’re going to be running here for how many days???”

Igor is 3rd with 288

Kim leads the women with 245…Richard has 180

Nataliya is 2nd with 234 and Gundega is 3rd with 232


Georgs has 190 miles, and what looks to be a tasty quiche

Cleaning shoes

Yuri and friend

Vikena goes out strong



Some tent issues

The wonderful thing about Tiger

Todd McAuley in his first 6 day




Rimas going strong



Marius and Gudrun






Michel with 202 just ahead of his pace

Paramita in medical

Mario in medical



It is bearable

Board master










There are some swarms of small bugs on the course.  Behind this cloud is Ashprihanal

Stacey helping



Karnayati and Gudrun


10 day counters

Yes counters get thirsty too

Mark Dorion

The time to be really happy
Is now,
Here at the very place
Where you are.

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