April 20….Day 4 ( My Highest Goal )

(Interviews with Patanga Cordeiro DaSilva, Michel Guoin, AnnaKimchinskaia)

The board after 72 hours

“The race is beautiful.  I am slow but I am happy.”  Patanga has completed 140 miles over 3 days.  This is his 5th year.

“The first day I thought.  I am never going to do this again.  Then just a little bit latter I thought, I really love this race.  Then a little after that I thought maybe I should break one year.  Then I will come on the following year to make it a little bit easier.  In the end what ever comes up will come up.  That is why I am here, I guess.”

Patanga says in his earlier races it was clearer to him what the experience meant.  “I used to feel and react to things that would happen outwardly.  The pain and such things would show me their relationship to the inner things.”

Now these days I don’t pay so much attention to the outer things.  I feel that this is a special place.  Once it is over I can see inside myself where I went.”

He also feels the race does not diminish him physically.  Instead he gets stronger.  “It brings forward some physical and mental strength.  It also teaches you humility and so many other things.”

“As long as I can do 500 miles for 10 days I will keep coming back.”  It just so happens that Michel Guoin is wearing bib number 11.  It happens to as well be the same number of years in a row he has run in the 10 day race.

To complete the 500 miles is his goal he says and as well he likes being around other people.

He also says about coming here, “it is a good excuse to take time off from my job.” Michel is walking smoothly as we talk.  He hopes one day that he will also be joined by his son Tommy here at the race.

Michel has long been part of the ultra distance community.  He feels very comfortable with his style here in New York.  In Quebec where he is from it is unique but at the 10 day race he feels he fits in.  “Here I am not unique.  I was surprised to see others running and walking like me.”

He says that if he can continue to complete 500 miles he will continue to come back to the race.  If he is not successful this year he suggests he still might come back and do the 6 day race.  “I am not ready yet.”

“I didn’t expect to much this year.  I don’t think I will break any records.”  Her personal best for 10 days is 435, she has 138 miles for 3 days.  “I just want to participate, to get joy, and to have some experiences.”

“The physical always suffers in these races.  The happiness and joy that you receive during the race, helps you overcome the pain.”

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“I love to cook but I love eating more.”

Budjargal leads with 251 miles

Kim leads the women with 194.  Richard has 142 miles

Igor has 221 miles

Flower Igor

Jesper is very close with 220 miles

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Nataliya is 2nd in the ladies with 186

Vinati with 171

Ushika with 200 and Arun with 167

Albena with 155


Ales with 190

Vasuprada with 100

Some of the crew relaxing, Padyatra and Uddipan

“Time to get back to work isn’t it?”

Sergey with 170

Andrei with 147



Ashprihanal will be running tomorrow in the 6 day

As will Joe Cleary

Avanayaha has 115 and Bayaarsaikhan has 154

Avanayaha bows to the counters who have called out her name and mileage


Sergei with 182


Sandro with 144

Bipin sorting things out

Elena with 171

Flower and Elena

Gudrun started the 10 day today

Flower Gudrun

Janos on pace with 152

“I know I already had a piece but Maria’s strudel is soooooo good.”

Jaival helping Pedja

Who has 173

Oleksandr stretching.  He has 188

Laila taking a break has 150


Karteek has 158

Georgs with 144

Flower Georgs

Karnayati has 148

When she passed earlier she was speaking to the very great Bigalita who is unable to attend this year

“I am too tired to make it to my tent.”

Jiri has 167

It is not my earthly capacity
But my Heavenly wisdom
That will help me reach
My highest Goal.

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  1. Utpal, what a lovely panda of yours!)))
    Thank you for all this sport, beauty and fun!
    _Self-transcendence rules_

  2. the drone intro nicely shows how with each day the trees are getting a little greener – at the end there will be blossoms all over, never mind cold, rain and wind – feels like a parallel to the inner race experiences blossoming in spite of all the hardships … thanks to everyone for being there and sharing!

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