April 26….Day 10 (Each Man Is A Miracle of Miracles)

“I guess I am happy.”  One can’t blame Ashirvad if he is a little uncertain of his feelings.  This is his first 6 day race and over the course of the past 5 days he has run 212 miles.

“It is a great opportunity to be here.  Everything is perfect.”  When asked what got him to come out and run this year.   “I have a lot of friends who are good runners, not like me, and they somehow encouraged me.  I never even thought about doing it till some time last year.” In earlier years he came many times to help with computer technical support.

“What happens here is magical somehow.  There is an energy, there is a feeling that goes through everything.”  Ashirvad says this energy permeates not just the other runners but also the course and as well all those who help or even come by to support the race.

“I have started to take notice and realize every place along the course.  There is a certain identity.”  Nothing goes unnoticed from the puddles to the trash cans to the trees.  “Each becomes an element that makes the course so unique.”

He says all the experiences both high and low force you to live in the moment.  “It keeps you focused on right here right now.”

“I am surprised that my mind did not go off or start to get bored because there is always something new.  It is either the pain or an experience that you have, or the weather. All those things are changing all the time.  It forces you to be in the moment.”

“I am of course happy.  The last day is the happiest day of the entire race.”

Andrei says that he thinks about the race quite often at home and has deep feelings about it.  “I get inspiration when I think about it.”

He says while the race goes on he sometimes feels pressure and even that I don’t like it.  “But after awhile when I recover and feel better.  Now everything is okay.”

“From the 2n or 3rd day I feel as though I have changed my mind a little bit.  My problems I felt like they disappeared, or became no so important.  After this I felt peace was coming into me, into my mind.  No problems bothered me.”

“Its been an amazing experience.”  Ashadeep is running her very first 6 day race.

“There have definitely been highs and lows.  But everything has been a miracle.  The race has totally blown my mind in every way.”

She says she is surprised what the body can accomplish when grace descends.

“I tried my best not to have any expectations.  I did want to make the 150 miles over the first 3 days.  I knew that was Sri Chinmoy’s original cutoff.  “I was very happy that I completed that.  For the next 3 days I was just happy that I could continue.  Ashadeep has 241 miles for 5 days.

She says that she will be both a little happy and a little sad when tomorrow she is completing her last lap of the race.  “Definitely it is very magical out here.  There is a very strong force.”

The furthest she has ever raced is the 47 mile race.  When asked why the big jump to this race, “just my heart.”

“I have been to this race many times to help count.  I have always felt a pull towards it.  “It took me 4 years to get ready and to actually do it.”

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Budjargal has already set a personal best in the 10 race and he has more than a day left.  Earlier he set the Mongolian record for 1000km.  Igor is 2nd with 637 miles

Jesper is 3rd with 570 miles.  He spent several hours this morning running and chatting with Ashprihanal

Ashprihanal leads with 373 miles


“Rainy weather.  This is my kind of day.  I am going to knock off a lot of miles”

Nataliya leads the 10 day women with 514 miles

10 Day Board

“Everybody is number 1”

Vinati is 2nd with 494 miles

John Geesler is 2nd in the 6 day with 352 miles

Susan Marshall has taken the lead in the women’s 6 day race with 334 miles

Brought to my attention by Hridayinee

6 Day Board

Time to announce the runners

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It has been raining off and on for the past 24 hours

Some celebrate the rain more than others.

Times for friendship


A friend along the way


“Got this game covered”


Sometimes we all have the world on our minds

Todd in his first 6 day


Half of the Mark D crew

“We are just having fun.”

Shirley running fast

Staying dry and moving, Arun

Arun taking a visit to medical



“Can I get a little help with this door.  I need to take a shower.”

Volodymyr coaching Baltabek

Keeping watch

Keeping dry Durba


“Come on guys get in line.  It will be easier just like geese.”


“Koala’s get sleepy too


Mark Dorion

“A great view from here.”


Mark McCaslin

Vajra working in medical


Koalas know a thing or two about climbing trees




Vedisha and flower


Mario working on feet

“Dandelions are really great flowers”



“O no.   You mean this is the last day”

Patanga and Ushika having fun


Friends together on the course

Each man is a miracle of miracles.
Our souls know it.
Our hearts and our minds
Also will one day realise it.

5 thoughts on “April 26….Day 10 (Each Man Is A Miracle of Miracles)”

  1. Sri Chinmoy Ten and Six Day Races are wonderful. I really like these races. I think that everybody is receiving a new energy, enthusiasm, love and joy from these races. Thank you so much Utpal Marshall.

  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely!!!!!
    Huge Hallo and best wishes to all runners!

  3. It is great that every year we have more and more new runners who run for the first time this Ultra, especially yonger people who are eager to experience unknown reallity.
    Gratitude to all
    Thank you Utpal for the exelent reports, you are better and better each time, with lot of new things.

  4. And also Happy Birthday to Gudrun!

    I don´t know what happened to her, but she started late, perhaps three days after the official start, and she is quite catching up with the group.

  5. Wonderful poem, Utpal, and so true. This race is actually helping our hearts and minds to realize how each man is truly a miracle, and how connected we all are.
    Your reports make even heavy rain look just so purifying and blessingful.Once again, THANK YOU for spreading so much positivity throughout the world (and for making my day, everyday)

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